Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP)

What is the Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) Program?

The CPAP program assists people in the Grampians Region who can least afford to purchase their own sleep therapy device.

Who manages this program?

This program is managed by Ballarat Health Services (BHS) through the State-wide Equipment Program's (SWEP) Community Equipment Programs (CEP).

What Assistive Technology (AT) items can be subsidised?

Continuous Positive Airways Pressure (CPAP) machines.

What is the subsidy level?

The CEP will provide you with a CPAP machine once your eligibility has been confirmed. You are required to pay a co-payment of $50 towards the supply of your machine.

Am I eligible for funding?

You may be eligible for funding if you:
  • have met the clinical criteria for provision of a cpap machine
  • reside in the Grampians region and 
  • are listed on a Health Care or hold a Pension Concession card

How do I apply for funding?

You are required to be assessed by a registered Sleep Specialist who will submit an application on your behalf.

Where can I find a Registered Prescriber?

To find an AT Practitioner you can contact your local hospital or council, community health centre or speak to your doctor.

What is the process once my assessment has been completed?

The Sleep specialist will complete an application for you and forward to the CEP team. 
Once your application has been received and processed, The CEP team will send you a letter to inform you that you are eligible to receive a CPAP unit via the program. They will also send a listing of three Ballarat suppliers for you to choose from.
You will be required to contact the CEP team in order for them to order and deliver your machine to your preferred supplier and acknowledge the $50 co-payment towards your machine (You will receive an invoice from Ballarat Health Services for this).

Your preferred supplier will contact you when your AT item(s) arrives to make an appointment to set up the CPAP Machine with your personal settings.

The preferred supplier will set up your machine and you will need to pay them the initial setup and consultation fee.

You will need to be reviewed annually by your preferred supplier to ensure that your CPAP machine is meeting your ongoing needs.

What are my responsibilities towards the AT item?

By accepting an AT item from SWEP, you agree:
  • The AT item is issued on a loan basis for as long as you need it
  • To keep the AT item in good order and repair
  • The AT item is provided for your use only
  • You cannot re-lend the AT item or give or sell it to anyone else
  • You cannot modify or use the AT item inappropriately
  • To purchase the mask and any other disposables required

Who owns the AT item(s) issued?

Ballarat Health Services (BHS) through the State-wide Equipment Program's (SWEP) Community Equipment Programs (CEP).

Who repairs and maintains the CPAP machine?

BHS, SWEP-CEP will be responsible for repairs of the CPAP Machine. Please direct all requests for repairs to the CEP team.

How can I provide feedback?

Feedback can be provided in the following ways:

  • Fill in a feedback form available on our Contact page.
  • Call our Customer Service line on: 1300 PH SWEP (1300 747 937) or (03) 5333 8100. If you require an interpreter, or have a hearing or speech impediment, we can assist by accessing the Victorian Telephone Interpreting & Translating Service or National Relay Service.
  • Write to us at: P.O. Box 1993, Bakery Hill BC, Vic 3354
  • Email us at swep@bhs.org.au
  • Send a fax to 03 5333 8111

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