How do I participate?

People will be able to contact NDIS directly or use the NDIS Access Checklist to help inform their access to the scheme.

You must:

  • be an Australia citizen, a permanent resident of Australia, or a New Zealand citizen who is a Protected Special Category Visa holder
  • meet age requirements - under 65 years of age
  • Have a significant and permanent disability or impairment that affects your ability to participate in the community and employment and require care and support, or could benefit from early intervention requirements

How do I apply?

Your NDIA planner will help you to identify your individual needs during planning and assessment. After initial assessment your planner will help you to locate a prescriber to assist with recommending appropriate equipment. The prescriber will electronically submit the relevant forms to SWEP.

What is a SWEP Registered Prescriber?

A SWEP registered prescriber is a health professional whose qualifications and level of experience are recognised by SWEP. Prescribers must have the appropriate qualifications to prescribe different types of equipment, home and vehicle modifications. SWEP supports a person centred approach and your prescriber will need to complete an assessment with you.

What are the benefits of using a SWEP Registered Prescriber to undertake my NDIS assessment?

All prescribers must be registered with SWEP in order to prescribe for NDIS participants. All SWEP prescribers are given a traffic light colour that relates to their experience and further education.
  • A 'Green' prescriber can prescribe commonly used equipment, home and vehicle modifications.
  • An 'Amber' prescriber will have a higher level of experience and education. The equipment, home and vehicle modifications they can prescribe, and participants they can prescribe for, are more complex.
  • A 'Red' prescriber is recognised as an expert in their field. Applications that need the expertise of these prescribers will be the most complicated, and the participants the most complex.

Where can I access a SWEP registered prescriber?

SWEP registered prescribers near you can be found by talking to your local health care professional or NDIA planner.

Why does the Agency use SWEP and what are the benefits to you?

  • Support - SWEP have an NDIS Team working with the Agency staff who will support you at all stages of the process. The SWEP NDIS team is available Monday to Friday 8:30 - 5pm by calling 1300 747 937 and pressing option '0'. The team can also be contacted by email at swepndia@bhs.org.au. SWEP have a dedicated Manager for this team and her contact number is PH: 5333 8152.
  • Repairs - Maintenance and repairs for NDIS participants with SWEP equipment will be arranged by SWEP. SWEP provides a 24 hour 7 days a week (including ALL public holidays) emergency repair service. You can reach a member of the SWEP repairs team by calling 1300 747 937 and pressing option '1' to speak to the on-call SWEP staff member. Emergency repairs can still be arranged even if you are away from home or interstate. SWEP can follow up with your planner to make sure funding for repairs is in your plan.
  • Participant History - As a large number of SWEP clients will move to the NDIS, SWEP can provide the Agency with a complete history of your items, including repair history.
  • Bulk Purchasing - SWEP have contracts in place with some suppliers to make sure that you get value for money. By having contracts in place we ensure the supplier is suitable and the quality of equipment is guaranteed. The selection processes make sure that the equipment:
    • is suitable for purpose
    • is quality and durability tested
    • is adjustable
    • is easy to clean and maintain
    • has clear warranty arrangements
    • may be 'reissue-able' (if appropriate)
    • includes delivery, installation and education
    • is the best possible price
    • meets any relevant standards
  • Continence - Once you have been assessed and on-going approval has been given by the NDIA, SWEP will arrange regular continence deliveries for you. SWEP will make contact with you when re-orders are due so that items and amounts are correct before delivery. If your needs have changed, SWEP will contact your prescriber for you. All continence deliveries will be delivered to your door in discreet packaging.
  • Reissue/ Refurbished Equipment - NDIS participants will be able to access the SWEP reissue equipment pool. Your prescriber will help determine whether this will be suitable for you and the Agency will need to approve this in your plan. By using reissue equipment, you may have more money in your plan for other supports.
  • Support For You - By using SWEP, you will be supported by the SWEP NDIA team. SWEP will save you time by working directly with the NDIA staff, your prescriber, and suppliers for you. SWEP will keep you informed through every stage of the application process. You can also check the status of your application online - as well as view SWEP monthly snapshots.
  • SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework - By using a SWEP registered prescriber you will be assured that you get the best advice about your equipment, home and vehicle modification needs.
  • NDIS Experience - SWEP has worked closely with Agency staff to develop efficient processes that ensure your equipment, home and vehicle modification needs are met in a timely manner.

How is my application submitted to SWEP?

 Applications for NDIS participants can be submitted on the SWEP website. Your prescriber will be able to view and manage your applications online at any time. The website will also allow you to view the status of your applications.

Your prescriber will help you decide what you need and then submit your application online to the SWEP NDIS Team. SWEP will then submit the application to the Agency who will decide if your application will be funded by the NDIS.

When do I receive my Equipment, home or vehicle modification?

Once the Agency has approved your application, SWEP will arrange for the supplier to deliver or install the item. You will receive a letter from SWEP to let you know that this is happening. If you have any questions about this process, please contact us on 1300 747 937 and press option '0' to speak directly with the SWEP NDIS Team.

Once your application has been processed SWEP will contact you to let you know what happens next.

What happens if I am an existing SWEP client with applications still to be funded?

Once you become an NDIS participant, SWEP will forward to the Agency any applications for equipment, home and vehicle modifications that have not yet been supplied. These items will then be considered for funding in your participant plan.


For more details, please see our NDIS FAQ section.
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