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SWEP Prescriber Communique - Home Modifications Service Release

28 September 2017

Dear Prescribers,

SWEP is excited to announce the release of the revised Home Modification Service for both the Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP) and for the National Disability Insurance Scheme. To assist Prescribers, Clients, Participants and Proprietors in utilising the new system effectively, SWEP has developed a suite of resources as listed on the below link. A good starting point to understand the revised service is to view the two training videos. These will provide a great starting foundation in addition to downloadable resources that you will find on the SWEP website.

The revised service also brings together an experienced Panel of Tradespeople and Builders that have been appointed as part of a rigorous selection process. The members of the panel covers all areas of Victoria and a full list of Tradespeople and Builders in the areas they cover can be found by visiting the below link. The panel members have a vast array of knowledge and look forward to working with you in assisting Clients and Participants.
A few points to note with the revised model

  • The Client or Participant has the option of using the Tradesperson or Builder that provided the original quotation before the launch of the revised model to perform the home modification, or has the option of obtaining new quotation from a member of the SWEP Panel of Tradespeople and Builders.
  • For applications submitted without a quotation, the Prescriber will work with the Client or Participant to select a member from the Tradespeople and Builders Panel. It makes no difference if the application was submitted before or after the establishment of the panel, as the action remains the same.
  • Green prescribers now have an increased financial threshold that they can prescribe up to; which was previously $1,000 and is now $1,300.

Applications can be submitted using the online application as of next week.

To view the new SWEP home modification webpage click here

The SWEP team is here to help Prescribers transition to the new service and we encourage you to access the full suite of resources that have been designed to assist you.

If you have any questions about the revised model, please feel free to telephone Fiona Wakeling, Deputy Director on 03 5333 8104 or email Fiona.Wakeling@bhs.org.au

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