SWEP - NDIS Assistive Technology (AT) Working Arrangements Communique

20 June 2019

We have been working with the National Disability Insurance Agency (NDIA) to support Victorian participants since 2013.

Although the way NDIA applications are processed will change from July 1, SWEP will still provide quality and best value Assistive Technology, maintenance and repairs and support from qualified and experienced staff.

What does this mean for AT practitioners?

1. From July 1, 2019 all new AT requests should be lodged directly with the NDIA. The functionality to lodge AT applications for NDIS participants within the SWEP portal will be disabled after June 28, 2019.
2. SWEP hope to be able to continue to support you and your participants with any applications that have already been lodged with the NDIA via the SWEP portal before July 1, 2019. We are awaiting confirmation from the NDIA about this and will update you as soon as possible. 

3. If you currently have applications for NDIS Participants that are sitting at 'draft' status in the SWEP portal, please ensure that these applications are progressed and submitted as a priority before June 28, 2019. After this date, you will no longer have access to these applications in the SWEP portal and they will be cancelled.

4.If you currently have applications for NDIS participants in the SWEP portal that have a status of 'require further information' please forward all required documentation to SWEP prior to June 28, 2019 so that we can forward your application to the NDIA for a funding decision. After this date, they will be forwarded to the Agency 'as is' and you will need to liaise directly with the NDIA to follow up.

What will SWEP still offer to NDIS participants? 

SWEP is extremely proud of the support we have provided since the NDIS' inception in 2013 and wish to reassure all of our stakeholders that the SWEP program will continue to support those NDIS participants who choose to use SWEP as their preferred provider in the following ways:

1. Participants can still access our 24/7 repairs and preventative maintenance service. The participant will need to ensure that they have relevant funding within their plan and agree to use SWEP as their preferred provider.

2. Participants will have access to refurbished AT for lease/hire or purchase from SWEP. 

3. Participants can still get best value for money in terms of AT quality, supplier capability and to make funding within their plan go further. Participants are able to access SWEP's full suite of AT including continence products.

We are committed to our consumers and will continue to support those who choose to use our service, now and in the future. 

We thank everyone for their ongoing support.

For any queries about this change in process or the services SWEP can continue to offer to NDIS participants, please contact Teagan Hegert, Operations Manager on 5333 8152 or via email Teagan.Hegert@bhs.org.au

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