SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework (The Framework)

The State-Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) is committed to the appropriate assessment and prescription of assistive technology (AT) by suitably qualified and skilled prescribers.

In order to achieve this we have implemented the SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework (The Framework) as well as developed the standard for SWEP first registration, prescriber upgrade, re-credentialing and initial assessment of prescriber level for experienced clinicians (The Standard).

The SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework - Overview has been developed to provide you with a high level explanation of both The Framework and The Standard.

The Framework is an overarching document which encompasses all the necessary definitions and processes that support the function of SWEP and;

  • articulates threshold credentials for prescribers
  • describes how prescribers can register, upgrade or re-credential
  • discusses the role of competency based training
  • defines the equipment, client characteristics and prescriber requirements for green, amber and red prescribers
  • provides the Assistive Technology (AT) categories
  • lists relevant client characteristics impacting prescription
  • outlines available prescriber support
  • discusses the role of Clinical Advisors

The Standard sits within the structure of The Framework and is the authorisation process for registration and credentialing and includes the minimum requirements and application process / forms allowing prescribers to;

  • understand threshold credentials required for prescribing in AT categories
  • register for the first time as an inexperienced prescriber at
  • upgrade their prescriber status to a higher level, e.g. from green to amber
  • re-credential their prescriber status at the same level
    • have their prescriber status as an experienced clinician, assigned for the first time swe
  • review the SWEP CPD activity guidelines
  • complete a prescriber continuing professional development, summary portfolio

Please refer to the documents below for further detail.

If you have additional questions or feedback then please contact swepcaho@bhs.org.au

SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework (The Framework) - Direct Links

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