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Appealing a Decision

How do I appeal a decision that SWEP has made?

If you believe that SWEP has incorrectly declined an application for assistance, either partially or fully, you are encouraged to contact your AT Practitioner and ask them to contact SWEP on your behalf to discuss and clarify the reasons for the decision. This will provide a chance to correct misunderstandings, present new information, and get an incorrect decision changed quickly.

What can I do if I still don't agree with the outcome?

If after doing this, you still feel the decision is incorrect, you can provide feedback by using the feedback form found here.

When providing feedback, you should provide SWEP with any additional information that should be considered and the reasons you believe the decision was incorrect. For example, you may believe that SWEP has not properly considered the information already provided or has incorrectly applied the SWEP policy in considering the application.

Who reviews the feedback?

Your feedback will be reviewed by the relevant program manager.

What will the process involve?

The process will involve:
  • A review of the information used to make the original decision 
  • Contact with your AT Practitioner by phone, to discuss the matter (if necessary) 
  • Checking whether any new, relevant information is available 
  • Clearing up any misunderstandings 
  • Correction of any mistakes that were made
  • A recommendation regarding whether the original decision should be changed.

You will be notified of the outcome once a decision has been reached.

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