Website Portal Frequently Asked Questions

How do I login to the SWEP website?

To login you need to go to the Prescriber Login page: https://swep.bhs.org.au/account.php
Your username is either the Primary Email address or your SWEP Prescriber ID. Once logged in you can edit your password.

How do I reset my password?

If you cannot remember your password, you can reset it through this link:
If you cannot remember your email or ID, please contact swepimt@bhs.org.au

Which browser can I use to access the website?

The website works on Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Internet Explorer from version 9 onwards. You may have difficulty with form functionality with older or lesser known browsers.

Can I edit my applications?

After a draft application is submitted you will be unable to edit the details of the application. If you wish to edit the document, please contact SWEP. You can save a draft application at any point, the form only needs to be completed when you choose to submit.

Does the website autosave?

The portal will autosave an application every 30 seconds as long as you choose this option when prompted at the start of the application.

Can I delete attachments from my applications?

Once you upload an attachment you will be unable to delete it.

How can I get my applications validated?

If you don't have the necessary credentialing level the 'Awaiting validating prescriber details' section needs to be completed. Request a SWEP clinical advisor to validate the application only if you can't identify a validating prescriber. Validation relies on the validating therapist's prescriber ID being entered (Occupational Therapists please note: Your ID begins with a capital 'O' for Occupational, not a zero 0).
Once you enter the validating prescriber details & submit the application the validating prescriber will receive an email to notify them. Click on the link in the email, review the application, and if approved click 'validate this application'. An email will then go back to the original prescriber to advise validation has been completed and the application has been submitted to SWEP.

What do the validation statuses mean?

Validation - this means your application requires an amber or red prescriber.
SWEP Requires Validation - this means your application has been assessed by SWEP staff as being outside your credentialing levels. You will need to request validation.

Are emails mandatory for the portal?

Prescriber email is mandatory - client email is not. All emails must include an @ symbol to be valid.

Can I change my email address on individual applications?

Your email address will be autofilled into prescription forms from your registration details. You can change your contact email for individual applications. This email address will receive notifications regarding that specific application. Your registration details will not be altered.

Does the application have specific fields that must be filled?

All mandatory fields on prescription forms have a red asterix next to them. You will not be able to submit an application until all mandatory data has been entered. The required fields will be indicated in red only after you try to submit. If required fields are not appearing in red after you have tried to submit please refer this onto the SWEP website support team for a resolution.

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