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SWEP Communique - Lymphoedema Portal & Application Tips

11 May 2022

Dear Practitioner,

SWEP is aware that some Lymphoedema Practitioners are still adapting to the electronic format used to submit SWEP applications.  

Within the SWEP portal there are some shortcuts which make repeat applications quicker, and practitioners have identified some hints and tips that are perhaps unique to lymphoedema applications.

SWEP Communique - applications for low cost items

3 May 2022

Dear Practitioner,

Last year SWEP implemented a new process for the management of 'low-cost' (<$250) applications, in order to eliminate waiting times.  This was to help alleviate the administrative burden for AT Practitioners, administration staff and provide faster access to much need low cost equipment.

The process has been working well, however we have identified an issue associated with the management of these  applications when submitted for multiple items i.e the application includes a 'high-cost' (>$250) and 'low-cost' item (<$250), (e.g. an application for a lift/recliner chair and low back utility chair).

SWEP Communique - Consumer sign-off requirements on VA&EP documents

3 May 2022

Dear Suppliers and Practitioners,

Re:  Consumer sign-off requirements on VA&EP documents

Throughout the last two years, it has been necessary for SWEP to ease the requirements for Consumer Eligibility Form sign-off, Proof of Delivery (POD), Certificate of Completion (POC), Home and Vehicle Modification documentation.   This was due to the significant challenges for practitioners, suppliers and consumers to meet face to face, whilst various Covid-19 restrictions/lockdowns were in place.

SWEP Communique - Changes to The Standard for Lymphoedema Compression Garments & Practitioner Registration

29 March 2022

The SWEP eligibility requirements and credentialing Standard for Lymphoedema Practitioners (compression garments) has changed to support consumer access and choice, as well as to align with changes to the Australasian Lymphology Association (ALA) Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner Program, and new competency standards that underpin ALA endorsed training programs.

SWEP Consumer Reference Group - Call for New Members

8 March 2022

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) is seeking volunteers to share their voice in shaping our services.  SWEP wants to hear what you think - your voice helps to make sure that our services are right for the community.  

SWEP Communique - Reissue Equipment FAQ

2 March 2022

What is 'SWEP reissue' equipment?

SWEP funded assistive technology is owned by SWEP where we have funded more than 50% towards the cost and the item is considered 're-issuable'.


When we are advised that a consumer no longer needs an item that is re-issuable, SWEP arranges collection of the equipment via our contracted Repairs & Re-issue Supplier, Chemtronics. 


The item then undergoes a 'viability assessment' to determine whether it is in good enough condition to be reissued to another consumer.

What is the SWEP reissue database?

Any items that are considered to be in very good condition and suitable for re-issue to another SWEP consumer are entered onto our reissue database.

SWEP Communique - Expression of Interest for Oxygen (adult) Clinical Advisor

28 February 2022

SWEP is seeking expressions of interest from Specialist Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physicians, to join our expert Clinical Advisory Panel for our adult consumer cohort.

We are seeking highly experienced Specialist Respiratory and Sleep Medicine Physicians who prescribe oxygen for home use regularly and can demonstrate a minimum of 10 years' experience doing so.

You will be committed to the application of best evidence through the Thoracic Society of Australia and New Zealand (TSANZ) Clinical Practice Guideline, for Adult Domiciliary Oxygen Therapy (2014)1

SWEP Communique - Attachment notification issue

14 February 2022

Dear Practitioners,

Due to a recent 'glitch' in the SWEP database it has been brought to our attention that between the 3 - 11  February 2022, any applications that have had additional documents attached, have not generated a notification to the SWEP team.

SWEP Communique - Supply Issues: Bard Flip Flo Valve Bff20 13100010

8 February 2022

Dear Continence Practitioners

Supply Issues:  Bard Flip Flo Valve Bff20 13100010

We have been advised by our contracted Supplier, Independence Australia (IA) that they are having ongoing supply issues with the Bard Flip Flo Valve Bff20 13100010, with no confirmed ETA.

SWEP Communique - Expression of Interest for Continence Clinical Advisor

7 February 2022

SWEP is seeking expressions of interest from Continence Practitioners to join our expert Clinical Advisory Panel for our consumer cohort.

We are seeking highly experienced Continence Practitioners who prescribe continence consumables regularly and can demonstrate a minimum of 10 years' experience.

You will be able to demonstrate participation in activities that contribute directly to maintaining your clinical competence and expertise.

You will have the below registrations and experience;

  •  AHPRA registration as a general nurse
  • A graduate certificate in nursing,  


  •  Employed in a relevant specialty context relating to bladder or bowel dysfunction (e.g. employed as a Nurse Continence Specialist/ Continence Nurse Advisor / Urology Nurse/ Clinical Nurse Consultant (in a related context)


SWEP Communique - Expression of Interest for Speech Pathology Clinical Advisor

7 February 2022

SWEP is seeking expressions of interest from Speech Pathologists to join our expert Clinical Advisory Panel for our consumer cohort.

We are seeking highly experienced Speech Pathologists who prescribe voice aids & laryngectomy consumables regularly and can demonstrate a minimum of 10 years' experience.

You will be a member or an eligible member of Speech Pathology Australia and be able to demonstrate participation in activities that contribute directly to maintaining your clinical competence and expertise.

As a Clinical Advisor you may be required to;


  • Provide clinical support and validation of voice aid & laryngectomy prescriptions
  • Undertake clinical reviews as requested
  • Provide expert advice to the Chief Allied Health Officer specific to the voice aids & laryngectomy category 
  • Participate in projects as required (e.g. updating manuals, resources and education material)
  • Participate in Clinical Advisor Panel meetings (approx. 1 per year)


SWEP Communique - Practitioner Re-Credentialing

20 December 2021

Dear SWEP practitioners

As you are aware, SWEP uses a credentialing based process to acknowledge practitioner levels of experience and currency in a range of assistive technology and professional areas of practice.

What is re-credentialing?

Re-credentialing is the process of periodically reviewing and verifying credentials to ensure a practitioner continues to meet SWEP's requirements and standards applicable to one or more categories or areas of practice. This includes maintenance of roles, experience, mileage, currency, complexity and ongoing learning.

SWEP e-News for Consumers

17 December 2021

If you would like to view this news letter please click here

SWEP Communique - Reissue Scooters Available

22 November 2021

Dear Practitioner

Currently there are a number of four- and three-wheel scooters available in our reissue equipment pool.

If you have a current application with SWEP or are in the process of applying for a scooter we would encourage you to review the Reissue Database to see if one of the scooters would be a match for your consumer.

You can log into the Chemtronics database via this link: https://cabrini.technology/sc/ess.do  

SWEP Communique - Independence Australia advise on delivery prior to Christmas

10 November 2021

Dear Practitioner,

Please see below advice from Independence Australia our supplier of continence products.

Remember to order your products before 1st December 2021


Ensure you have everything you need this holiday season by ordering before December 1st.


Any phone or online orders placed after December 1st may miss out on pre-Christmas delivery.

SWEP Communique - COVID Positive Oxygen in the home

5 November 2021

Dear Practitioner,

The Department of Health has been working with the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) team at Ballarat Health Services to provide a centralised process for oxygen supply and ensure we have a secure supply chain. This will be available from Monday the 8th November 2021. This will support the discharge of Covid positive patients who may still require oxygen and can be safely managed at home in line with the Medium Severity Covid Positive Pathway.

The process will allow for central management of oxygen supply across the state to ensure equitable access in line with the Health Emergency and Preparedness Response principles.

SWEP Communique - Orthotics Quote Template

22 October 2021
Dear Practitioners,
SWEP would like to advise that the Orthotics quote template has recently been updated to include a section to confirm/advise if the item is required to be registered with the TGA. We ask that if you are using an old version of the quote template, please cease to do so and commence using the current version which can be locate under the 'For Suppliers' tab on the SWEP website.

SWEP Communique - Domiciliary Oxygen Consumer Survey

21 September 2021

Dear Practitioner

Each year SWEP sends out a Consumer Satisfaction Survey for all our consumers across each of the programs we manage.  This helps us to engage with our consumers and gain feedback on what we do well and what we need to improve on.

Traditionally this is done in paper format and mailed out to consumers.

SWEP Up-date - Pandemic impact on delivery services

20 September 2021

Dear SWEP Stakeholders,

Due to the current COVID-19 outbreak affecting Melbourne and some regional areas throughout Victoria, some of our Suppliers have indicated increased delivery timeframes for some equipment and products.    

SWEP Communique - Subsidy and Pick List code for swivel bath chair

17 September 2021

Dear Practitioner,

We would like to clarify which application category should be chosen when applying for a swivel bath chair as we are seeing different categories being selected for this item. We also understand that current practice is seeing the incorrect subsidy amount being provided.

This item could come under bathing or transfer but the intention of this item is to assist the consumer to transfer into the bath so please submit these requests on the transfer application/category.  This allows us to apply a subsidy of $200 under basic transfer equipment. 

SWEP Communique - Reissue Items and applications

15 September 2021

Dear Practitioner,

We would like to remind our Practitioners the importance of checking the reissue database for equipment.  Under the Victorian Aids & Equipment Guidelines, Practitioners are required to source re-issue as first option on all applications. Reissue applications are not waitlisted for funding and all applications are processed within 10 days of receipt.

Note: no consumer will be placed on the waiting list for the supply of new equipment if it has been identified that a reissue item is available.

We collect equipment daily from consumers which means the database is being updated regularly with new items. Whether you are submitting a new application or have a consumer on the waitlist we encourage you to review what's available.

SWEP Communique - Portal Application Updates

9 September 2021

Dear Practitioner,

From tonight you will notice some small changes to our application portal as follows:

SWEP Communique - Laryngectomy Consumables Program (LCP)

1 September 2021

Dear Practitioners,

Currently when a Practitioner applies for Laryngectomy consumables, the quote being submitted with the application is attached as a word document/screenshot.

You may have received phone calls from the SWEP team seeking clarification on quotes relating to itemised items, delivery costs, GST, ABN, Australian Standards compliance and other missing information, that can contribute to delays in orders being placed.

SWEP Communique - Goods Equipment and Assistive Technology (GEAT)

26 August 2021

Dear Practitioners

We have received queries about the recent release of information by the Commonwealth Government in relation to the trial of the national provider of Goods Equipment & Assistive Technology (GEAT) and the intersect with our State funded programs.

While the Commonwealth Government has contracted six providers to the GEAT panel including the Statewide Equipment Program (SWEP), we understand that Indigo Australasia has been chosen as the national provider under the outlet name Australian GEAT2GO to supply, install and maintain a range of assistive technology items.

SWEP Communique - LCGP application delay

25 August 2021

Dear LCGP Practitioner

Please note that we have received unprecedented demand over recent weeks for LCGP garments for your clients. The impact of this unexpected increase in demand, latest covid restrictions and both planned and unplanned leave in our team has resulted in a delay in processing applications. Please bear with us as we process these applications as quickly as we can.

Kind regards and thank you for your support
SWEP Management Team

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