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SWEP Communique - Welcome Pedorthists

21 December 2020

What's new? 

The Victorian Aids and Equipment Program (VA&EP) provides eligible people with subsidised Assistive Technology (AT) to enhance independence in their home, facilitate community participation and support families and carers in their role.     

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) is pleased to announce that Pedorthists can now access this funding for eligible consumers in recognition of their expertise in the provision of customised and medical grade footwear, shoe modifications and orthoses in line with other funding agencies. This arrangement commences on 21st December 2020.



SWEP Communique - Clarification re pressure mattresses funded through VA&EP

27 November 2020

Over recent years there has been an increase in the type of mattresses advertised to have pressure relief or pressure prevention properties. SWEP would like to confirm the type of mattresses we can provide a funding subsidy towards.

Under the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program Operational Policies, for all AT categories, SWEP does not fund what would be considered normal household items, including standard mattresses for standard beds.  What we do fund is pressure reducing mattresses for hospital beds. 

Consumer Satisfaction Survey Results 2020

16 September 2020

SWEP recently completed our annual Consumer Survey, which identifies how satisfied our consumers are with the equipment/products they have received and their overall experience with SWEP and our services.  

We sincerely thank all survey participants and are delighted to share with you our results here

SWEP Communique - Practitioner Portal Updates

6 August 2020

Dear Practitioner, 

SWEP have been reviewing our Practitioner online Portal and have made some changes to the Practitioner home page. These changes will take effect on 8th August. The link to login, how to log in and the application process will all remain the same and none of your registration details will change. 

The Application tab from the top right hand tool bar has moved and your applications can now be accessed by clicking on the tab on the front home page titled 'Complete and Manage Applications for Assistive Technology'. 

SWEP Communique - Continence Subsidy Update

20 July 2020
SWEP has recently reviewed the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program Operational Policies with regard to how the funding subsidy is applied in the Continence Aids Program.  Our Operational Policies confirm that each eligible VA&EP consumer can access up to $1,200 over a 12-month period toward the cost of the items listed in the Operational Policies. This is from the date of their first application

SWEP Communique - SWEP Staff Working Remotely

16 July 2020
SWEP would like to provide an update on how we are working during the COVID 19 restrictions. 

As some of you would be aware SWEP shifted to having staff working from home, where possible, in late March.  This had an impact on our phone systems and how we manage our calls.  Since late March callers have had to leave messages and wait for a return call from our staff, with many people experiencing delays in speaking directly with a staff member.  We wanted to say thank you for your patience during these difficult times and acknowledge there has been frustration for some people in making contact with our service. 

SWEP Communique - Continence Aids Program supplier update

29 June 2020
The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) currently administers the Continence Aids Program for the Department of Health & Human Services for eligible State funded consumers. SWEP also provides continence services to NDIS participants and privately funded consumers.

SWEP has recently completed a robust tender procurement process as the current contract for supply of these items is due to end on 30 June 2020.

SWEP Communique - TAC and SWEP expansion of OT credentialing

8 June 2020
Last year, the TAC partnered with the State-Wide Equipment Program (SWEP) to manage the registration and credentialing of occupational therapists providing services for the TAC. Initially this was only used for OT's providing TAC services related to the assessment and provision of assistive technology. 

SWEP expansion of occupational therapy credentialing
In response to sector feedback and engagement with the OTA, from 17th August 2020, SWEP credentialing will be extended to all other essential OT services for those OT's providing services to TAC clients.

These services are reflected in a new SWEP category, 'Capacity and Performance Evaluation" (CAPE) which includes OT treatment and treatment plans, as well as capacity based assessments and reviews.

SWEP Communique - Laryngectomy Consumables Program

3 June 2020
SWEP have recently received enquiries in relation to the Laryngectomy Consumables Program (LCP) and how the funding subsidy is applied. As per the Operational Guidelines for this program each LCP consumer can access up to $5,000 over a 12-month period towards the cost of the items listed in the Operational Policies.

SWEP Communique - Product Recall: Notice for R82 - chest support for Rabbit Walking Aid and Mustang Standing Frame

1 May 2020
SWEP have been advised of a product recall notice for supplier R82 AU Pty Ltd for the product chest support for Rabbit/Rabbit Up Walking Aid and Mustang Standing Frame.

Further information can be found on the ACCC Product Safety Recall website

SWEP Communique - Update on management of Voice Aids & Laryngectomy Applications

24 April 2020
Dear Practitioner

Voice Aids and Laryngectomy applications will now be managed by the SWEP Assistive Technology team rather than the Oxygen team.  There is no change to how you submit your applications, but we now ask that you please refer any queries to the AT Team, as follows: 

Email:  swepat@bhs.org.au 
Ph:  1300 747 937 and choose option 4 for the all other equipment enquiries (Assistive Technology team)

SWEP Management Team

SWEP Communique - Contacting the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) as the CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) Situation Evolves

1 April 2020
As the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation evolves and as the Victorian Government introduces stricter social distancing laws, SWEP has now taken further measures to allow for our entire workforce to work from home, whilst maintaining continuity of services for our consumers.  

Within the next two business days our phone system will revert to mobile phones, which will be manned remotely.     You can still reach us on 1300 747 937, where two dedicated team members will take urgent messages to pass onto the applicable teams.    

SWEP Communique - COVID-19 Oxygen Supply

26 March 2020

Dear Practitioners

SWEP have been working with our Clinical Advisors to ensure we have measures in place to support our consumers and practitioners as we navigate the challenges presenting with the COVID virus.

Wherever possible, compliance to TSANZ Position Paper recommendations for home oxygen supply should be maintained. We do understand that some services are now being prioritized around COVID-19 and are implementing processes to ensure your patients are not at risk and that we ensure continuity of supply with oxygen equipment.

SWEP Communique - COVID-19 Continence Supply

26 March 2020

Dear Practitioners

SWEP have been working to ensure we have measures in place to support our consumers and Practitioners as we navigate the challenges presenting with the COVID pandemic.

Wherever possible, compliance with SWEP normal processes should be adhered to. SWEP recognises that many organisations will not be operating within business as usual practice.

SWEP are implementing processes to ensure our consumers are not compromised and that we ensure continuity of supply for continence items where we can.


25 March 2020
As the rapidly changing COVID-19 situation evolves, we wanted to let you know that the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP), is still operating. We are finding different ways of working to ensure that we can continue to meet your needs with many of our staff working from home as of this week.

SWEP Communique - Orthotics Update March 2020

17 March 2020

Dear AT Practitioner

This communique includes information for you about:

  • What can be funded by the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program (VA&EP)
  • Clarification about fitting and shipping charges
  • Use of the SWEP quotation template
  • Changes to inclusion of AOPA registration number on quotation template (where relevant) 'Grandfather' clause for applications received prior to January 1, 2020.

This communique follows on from the information we provided to you in late November 2019. We
received valuable feedback at that time and wish to provide some further updates. We hope this makes
it clearer to understand what you can apply for and who is eligible for assistance through VA&EP. SWEP
is committed to providing equitable access to eligible Victorians across all equipment categories and
these changes have been made accordingly.

Changes to the way NDIS Participants access SWEP Services

12 March 2020
Changes to the way NDIS Participants access SWEP Services 
(Effective March 2020)

Dear NDIS Participant,

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP), continues to deliver a 'one stop shop' to meet your ongoing
equipment, repair & maintenance and consumable needs.

2019 SWEP Consumer Satisfaction Survey

19 February 2020

Annually we ask consumers, after they have received and used their Assistive Technology, to tell us how satisfied they are overall with their SWEP experience

We have again exceeded our target of at least 85% satisfaction rate as set by the Department of Health and Human Services and this has been our best year ever!

Click here to see the full results

The Lymphoedema Practitioners Education Group of Victoria - An invitation

18 December 2019

The Lymphoedema Practitioners Education Group of Victoria


Invites you to a Continuing Professional Development event.

SWEP e-News for Consumers

16 December 2019
If you would like to view this news letter please click here

SWEP Communique - Updated Standard for Practitioner Registration and Credentialing

12 December 2019

SWEP is committed to ongoing quality and improvement, and we are pleased to advise that we have reviewed and updated The Standard for registration and credentialing with SWEP. We believe these changes will make it much easier for practitioners to understand what is required of them and to navigate the resources and application types. 

This Standard has been released and is now published on the SWEP website https://swep.bhs.org.au

SWEP Communique - Reminder to Update your TAC Preferences

4 December 2019
As per our communique released on the 25th of September, SWEP have partnered with the Transport Accident Commission (TAC) to provide a registration and credentialing service for all Occupational Therapists (OT's) currently providing services to the TAC. 
As part of this partnership, SWEP are sharing with the TAC information about the work location, contact details and credentialing levels of our registered OT's to enable the TAC to contact you and determine if you have the capacity to provide TAC services in your area.

Performance Report Card November 2019

2 December 2019
We have collated the data for November 2019 and presented the achievements of each program for this month. Every month we will provide information about each program.

SWEP Communique - Orthoses Update

29 November 2019

Dear AT Practitioner

We are writing to you to clarify Victorian Aids & Equipment Program (VA&EP) funding availability for the Orthoses category.


We have reviewed current practice in relation to our orthoses application management following the release of the VA&EP Operational Policies (July 2019) and the SWEP team's organisational restructure. In addition, we have consulted with professional associations and our Clinical Advisors.

Performance Report Card October 2019

1 November 2019
We have collated the data for October 2019 and presented the achievements of each program for this month. Every month we will provide information about each program.

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