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AT Practitioner Education

SWEP recognises that threshold qualifications alone, don't necessarily prepare health professionals to implement assistive technology (AT) solutions to expected performance levels and that there are a range of ways clinicians grow in their proficiency in this area of practice e.g.  reflective practice, clinical supervision, performance enhancement, formal and informal education, training and experience.

Continuing professional development (CPD) in AT practice is an important part of maintaining SWEP credentialing levels or applying for an upgrade in your credentialing level. A range of CPD activities can contribute to meeting SWEP AT Practitioner CPD requirements. Please refer to the AT Practitioner CPD activity guidelines for further details. Also available is the AT Practitioner CPD portfolio. This can be used to plan and record a summary of your CPD activities and reflections that relate to your credentialing with SWEP and AT practice.

SWEP does not offer AT Practitioner Education. AT Practitioners are encouraged to source quality AT education and training to meet their learning needs, through relevant professional associations, registered training organisations and other AT related agencies and training providers. 

SWEP does have a broad range of AT Practitioner Manuals available for use. These are designed to assist AT Practitioners with client assessment and the application process and have been developed through consultations with AT Practitioners and the SWEP Clinical Advisors.

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