Clinical Advisors Frequently Asked Questions

What are Clinical Advisory Panels?

Clinical Advisory Panels are groups of clinicians with expertise in prescription of equipment and at least seven years' experience in their area. There is a Clinical Advisory Panel for Children and one for Adults. Within each panel there are sub-specialties for each equipment category.

How are Clinical Advisors appointed?

Expressions of Interest were circulated to allied health and nursing professional associations, A&EP program coordinators across the state, the Victorian Allied Health Leaders Council, and was advertised in The Age in October 2010.

Applications were received and panel members where appointed after a rigorous selection process. This included evidence of years of experience in prescribing, publications, current position, etc.

Advisors are contracted to SWEP for agreed timeframes and opportunities will exist in the future for new/additional panel members.

This framework has now been rolled out to include Domiciliary Oxygen Clinical Advisors.

What is the role of Clinical Advisors?

At the commencement of the program, the role of the clinical advisors was to develop a clinical framework within which SWEP should function. This included:
  • Developing a registration and credentialing system for prescribers, which is fair and allows recognition of higher level prescribers
  • Providing SWEP with advice on how to ensure clinical accountability in prescribers
  • Supporting the SWEP administrative team and the Department of Health & Human Services with relevant evidence of clinical advance

The ongoing role of the Clinical Advisors includes:

  • Identifying and/or developing prescriber manuals
  • Developing a framework to support inexperienced prescribers
  • Establishing a process for SWEP and DHHS to support decision making which requires clinical advice
  • Assisting in the procurement process
  • Reviewing new assistive technology

Who are the Clinical Advisors and what are their areas of clinical expertise?

Click here to view our Clinical Advisory Panel.

Will the Clinical Advisors consult with prescribers?

Clinical Advisory Panels will not usually consult with individual prescribers unless specifically requested by SWEP.

What do I do if I have an enquiry about the Clinical Advisory Panel?

Should you have an enquiry in relation to the Clinical Advisory Panel, please contact Donna Markham, Chief Allied Health Officer, Ballarat Health Services via email at donna.markham@bhs.org.au

What do I do if I have any registration enquiries?

All enquiries in relation to registration should be directed to Donna Markham, Chief Allied Health Officer, Ballarat Health Services via email at donna.markham@bhs.org.au
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