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SWEP acknowledges that the suppliers play an important role in providing services to consumers in the provision of repairs, maintenance, or equipment. SWEP requires all suppliers to register with them - this is done by filling out a vendor form.

SWEP Vendor Form

SWEP has developed a Vendor form that needs to be filled out in order to become a supplier. Once this form has been completed please submit it to SWEP via email at swepfinance@bhs.org.au , or mail at P.O. Box 1993, Bakery Hill Vic 3354 or fax to 03 5333 8111 on your behalf. To apply to become a supplier to SWEP please fill out the form below.

SWEP Quote Template

SWEP has developed a standardised quote template to assist with streamlining processes to ensure clients receive equipment as soon as possible. You may have received phone calls from SWEP Administration Officers seeking clarification on quotes relating to itemised items, delivery costs, GST, ABN, Australian Standards compliance and numerous other factors that can all contribute to delays in orders being placed. To help reduce these follow up calls, SWEP has developed a standardised Quote Template as a guide on what we need as a minimum to be included on all quotes.

SWEP CoC and POD Template's

The Certificate of Completion (CoC) form is to be completed when customised equipment is provided or modifications undertaken to SWEP funded equipment. The Supplier is to return this completed form to SWEP with the invoice.

The Proof of Delivery (POD) form is to be completed by client to confirm receipt of equipment. The Supplier is to return this form to SWEP with invoice.

Wig Suppliers

Supplier Code of Conduct

The Victorian Government has introduced a Supplier Code of Conduct. The Code articulates the Government" commitment to ethical, sustainable and socially responsible procurement and is applicable to all of our suppliers. The Code outlines " minimum ethical standards in behaviour that suppliers will aspire to meet when conducting business with, or on behalf of, the State "  in relation to integrity, ethics and conduct; conflict of interest, gifts, benefits and hospitality; corporate governance; labour and human rights; health and safety; and environmental management.   A copy of the Supplier Code of Conduct, and further information including Fact Sheets and FAQs, is available at: Supplier Code of Conduct | Victorian Government Purchasing Board - Achieving Excellence in Government Procurement

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