Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program

The LCGP was initiated in 1997 by the Mercy Health Lymphoedema Compression Clinic at the Mercy Hospital for Women and was funded through the Department of Health and Human Services under the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program.

The LCGP assists all Victorians who are diagnosed with Lymphoedema by providing financial assistance to eligible consumers for the purchase of up to 6 compression garments annually. The LCGP assistance covers between 40% and 60% of the cost of the prescribed compression garment. The remaining cost is met by the consumer.

In 2017, administration of the program was transferred to SWEP. Negotiation between the Department, SWEP & Mercy Health agreed that at time of transition, there would be no change to current processes and that SWEP would, in the interim, adopt Mercy Health guidelines to administer the program.

The LCGP Quotation Template is available here

The LCGP Eligibility form is available here

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