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Available Assistive Technology (AT) Items and Subsidy

Listed here are the AT item categories and their maximum subsidy levels under the Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme. Please note that conditions do apply for some AT items or modifications. Further information can be obtained from the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program Guidelines

All AT items or modifications subsidised by SWEP must comply with Australian Standards.

Vehicle Modifications

AT Item

Maximum Subsidy Amount


Driver related modification specific to disability

$10,000 (excluding GST)

VicRoads accredited Occupational

Therapists Driver Assessor,

Occupational Therapist

Access modification (incl. sling lift, lowered floor

conversion, platform lift, power operated tailgate)

Occupational Therapist

Wheelchair restraint system

Seating modification

Contribution to existing modification second

hand already modified vehicle

Wheelchair/scooter carrier (incl. roof hoists,

trailers, boot cranes, boot slider)

Passenger - air conditioning

Oxygen cylinder restraint system

Further information can be obtained from the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program Guidelines
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