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Available Continence Items and Subsidy

Listed here are the item categories and their maximum subsidy levels for the Continence Program. Please note that conditions and timeframes do apply for some continence items. For more details, please see the A&EP Guidelines or contact SWEP.
All continence 
items subsidised by SWEP must comply with Australian Standards.

Continence Items Available


Maximum Subsidy Amount


Intra vaginal bladder support

$1,200 Annually

Registered Nurse (Division 1)

Peristeen anal irrigation system

Anal plug

Washable products (inc. bedding, chair pad, floor mat, briefs, pad)

Catheters (inc. intermittent, long term, specialised)

Drainage system (inc. bags, bottles, tubing, connectors, bag holders, straps, valves)


Please note: Some continence items may have conditions. Please see the A&EP Guidelines for more details.

SWEP Continence Catalogue

Independence Australia is SWEP's tendered supplier. Please click one of the links below for the SWEP's continence item list.

SWEP Continence Catalogue

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