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Laryngectomy Consumables Program

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) manages the Electronic Voice Aids and Laryngectomy Consumables Program to assist consumers who require funding to access these items.

The programs are funded by the Department of Health which ensures crucial funding is available to help Victorian laryngectomy patients access everyday items they need to assist with speech, breathing and the prevention of infections. 

SWEP have an arrangement with suppliers for locked in pricing that will be adjusted annually. Quote templates are provided below for you to attach to your application. Instructions are included on the spreadsheet tab. Please ensure you use the template from the website each time to ensure you have the most up to date version with correct pricing.

To populate the quote template all that's required is

  • Choose the quote template for your preferred supplier
  • Go to the quote tab
  • Add in the consumer name, address and date
  • In the quantity column add in the required number of items (the quote template will automatically calculate the total costs including freight charges)
  • Save your quote as a PDF or excel to your desktop and attach to the SWEP application quote section and process your application as normal
  • You will need to ensure you submit the application with the correct product codes. SWEP will then process the order and send it to the supplier.  

Laryngectomy Consumables Program Eligibility Form

Laryngectomy Consumables Program Picklist

Quote Templates

SWEP ATOS Quote Template - Laryngectomy and Voice Aids 

SWEP Main Medical Quote Template - Price List

Electronic Voice Aids & Laryngectomy Consumables

AT Item

Maximum Subsidy Amount


Electronic voice aid

$1,500 per five years

Speech Pathologist

Standard voice prosthesis: indwelling

$450 maximum subsidy per voice prothesis - up to maximum of three per year 

Standard voice prosthesis: non-indwelling

Specialised voice prosthesis: indwelling

Specialised voice prosthesis: non-indwelling

Laryngectomy Consumables

$5,000 per annum as per recommended quantities

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