SWEP Picklist & Catalogue

This page always contains the most up to date Picklist Expansion Document, any previous iterations which have been downloaded should be discarded. The version online was current as at the 8th of August 2016 and is subject to continual updates as further specifications are provided to SWEP.

This document should always provide a single point of truth for those utilising the SWEP Picklists and aims to prevent confusion and distribution issues when updates and changes are made. It also provides specifications for items which SWEP has contracted suppliers to provide. SWEP provides these specifications in collaboration with the ILC and our contracted suppliers.

To help lower the cost of high volume equipment, SWEP has a list of contracted suppliers who supply a range of different items. A robust tender process undertaken by Clinical Advisors ensured value for money and quality.

  • Who are SWEP's Clinical Advisors?

  • Clinical Advisory Panels are groups of clinicians with expertise in prescription of equipment and at least seven years' experience in their area. There is a Clinical Advisory Panel for Children and one for Adults. Within each panel there are sub-specialties for each equipment category.

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