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Domiciliary Oxygen Program (DOP)

The Domiciliary Oxygen Program provides oxygen Assistive Technology (AT) items for adults and children who qualify under the Thoracic Society Guidelines (TSANZ) and the Victorian A&EP Guidelines.

Oxygen AT items (as listed below) may be available once approved by a registered SWEP AT Practitioner of the appropriate qualification.

DOP is able to help fund the following AT items:


Portable Oxygen

(for intermittent usage only)


(can be used for up to 24 hours
per day)

Portable Oxygen

(for intermittent usage only)

Who is eligible?

All applicants must be assessed by a Consultant Physician specialising in respiratory (thoracic) medicine, cardiology or oncology. In some instances the application may need to be approved by SWEP appointed Clinical Advisor. For more information on eligibility, please refer to the Applying for DOP section or the DOP FAQ section.

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