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Vehicle Modifications Subsidy Scheme (VMSS)

Vehicle Modification Subsidy Scheme (VMSS) provides a variety of vehicle modifications including minor modifications such as hand controls, and major modifications such as lowered floor conversion, hoists and permanent ramps. You will need to be assessed by a SWEP registered Assistive Technology (AT) Practitioner (Occupational Therapist (OT) or VicRoads Accredited Driver Assessor, where applicable) to determine the most appropriate and safe modification.

VMSS is able to help fund the following modifications/AT items:

  • Conversions of vehicles for wheelchair access
  • Ramps permanently secured to vehicles
  • Specialised lifters, carriers and trailers for wheelchairs
  • Modified driving controls
  • Specialised seating
  • Air conditioning for people with thermo-regulatory conditions
  • Wheelchair restraint systems
  • Oxygen cylinder restraint system

Where can I access an Occupational Threapist?

Please talk to your local health care professional about finding a SWEP registered AT Practitioner near you.  For any vehicle modifications that are driver modifications you will need to ensure your Occupational Therapist is registered with SWEP to provide this type of modification.

What will it cost?

There is a maximum subsidy level for vehicle modifications of $10,000 each seven year period which can be used in part or in whole.  If the subsidy does not cover the full cost of the modification, you or a third party will need to pay the remainder. 

Am I eligible?

Please see the A&EP Guidelines

Insurance for Vehicle Modifications

You may wish to discuss insurance options with your current insurance company. 
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