Chemtronics Reissue Database

Chemtronics Reissue Database can be found here.

The user guide for the Reissue Database for SWEP AT Practitioner's can be found here.

What is SWEP Reissue equipment?

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) owns over 30,000 Assistive Technology (AT) items. SWEP is responsible for the maintenance and repair of these AT items, which are loaned to consumers to help them live independently. When the consumer no longer requires the item SWEP will collect it. Once collected the item it put through a thorough viability check and if  passes will be placed into the reissue equipment pool. The Reissue equipment pool consists of items of Assistive Technology that have been refurbished and checked over to ensure they are in good condition for use. Please note we do not reissue low cost items.

These items are available to consumers who wish to access funding through the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program.
Consumer applications where a reissue item has been selected will not go on our waitlist for funding. These applications are funded upon processing. All applications are processed within ten working days of receipt. The benefit to the consumer is they are not on a waitlist for funding and they can save money on many of these items by not having to purchase them new and pay a gap amount for costs above the SWEP subsidy limit. Some items may still have gap funding requirements dependent on modifications required.

Chemtronics have a warehouse in Thomastown where all the equipment is held. Chemtronics group is a national company established over 30 years ago, which also carries out work for a large number of healthcare facilities, such as the Australian Defence Force and Ambulance Services.

At Chemtronics we have available Niharika, an Occupational Therapist who is there to support practitioners and consumers with the provision of expert advice on the suitability of reissue equipment and customisation options.
Niharika has a wealth of AT knowledge in particular, complex wheelchair and seating prescription as well as pressure care management. She has been a 'red' Practitioner with SWEP for many years. Tim Belleville continues to provide expert technical support.
To contact either Niharika or Tim please call Chemtronics on PH: 9463 2888.
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