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Protection and Use of your Health Information


SWEP collects personal information such as your name, address and date of birth; information about your medical condition/disability; assistive technology/product needs; and information related to the management of your applications for funding. 


Your information is used by our staff (healthcare professionals), to provide you with the best care and AT solution. 

Your referring Doctor or AT Practitioner (i.e. Respiratory Physician, Physiotherapist, Occupational Therapist etc.) may access information essential to the management of your applications. 

Your information may also be used for other purposes such as quality audits, research and training. Your identifying details are removed from information used for these purposes. 


Information is added to your record each time you contact the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP). Please advise our Customer Service Team if your details have changed to help us keep your information accurate and up to date. 

If you believe that information held about you is not correct, you have the right to ask that it be corrected. 


SWEP has a legal and moral obligation to protect your privacy. Our staff are obliged to comply with our policies about the collection, use, disclosure, storage and disposal of consumer information. Database records, both paper and electronic, are securely stored. Only authorised staff may access your consumer information. SWEP retains records in line with legal requirements. 

How may you access your information

You have the right to access your consumer record under the Freedom of Information Act. A written application is required and you may be charged a fee. Please speak to a member of our team, who can advise of the right person to help you with this

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