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Carlee Holmes


SWEP Position:
Clinical Advisor
Beds/Mattresses (Adults)
Wheelchairs/Scooters/Specialised Seating (Adult)
Transfers/Hoist and Slings (Adults)
Specialised Seating (Adult)
Walking Aids (Adult)

Bachelor of Applied Science (Physiotherapy Therapy)
Masters of Neurological Physiotherapy
PhD Candidate

Carlee Holmes is an experienced neurological physiotherapist with an interest in postural management and the prescription of equipment. She has additional certification in postural management and measurement. She has  extensive experience working within the public and private sectors in Melbourne as well as in England, including work in several spasticity clinics. Carlee is a published author and has experience in education of therapists in her areas of expertise. Carlee comes to SWEP with a particular interest in 24 hour postural management  and the evaluation of spasticity in relation to seating and pressure care. She also has a strong interest in the management of adults with cerebral palsy.
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