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SWEP Supplier Communique - Quote Template

20 April 2017

SWEP receive thousands of applications with quotes every year. In order to ensure a seamless, consistent process, quotes need to meet certain requirements. Lately we have noticed an increase in the number of quotes that have required further follow up with suppliers due to missing information. Whilst we are seeking out this information, the progress of the client's application is inhibited and it will have a status of "incomplete" in our system.

The most common reasons for a quote being deemed incomplete are:

1.       No warranty information
No delivery timeframe information
Quote validity - the quote must be valid for a minimum 30 days when received by SWEP (the preference is for 90 days)
Quote must be itemised to show all costings and GST
5.       Missing information regarding Australian Standards. All equipment supplied by SWEP must meet Australian standards or an equivalent International standard if there is one. Where there is no relevant standard for the equipment the quote must state this.
6.       Supplier information such as ABN

SWEP staff will seek the information required directly from the supplier in the first instance. In cases where the information is not forthcoming, SWEP may request the prescriber seek a quote from an alternative supplier.

SWEP is committed to providing a smooth process for all stakeholders involved and providing a quote that meets all the requirements is one-step towards achieving this goal. To this end, some time ago we developed a template quotation so that suppliers were aware of what is required in a supplier quotation. This template quotation can be located on our website. https://swep.bhs.org.au/for-suppliers.php

For any queries, please do not hesitate to contact SWEP on 1300 747 937 and select the team option most relevant to the equipment you are enquiring about.

Many thanks for your help in ensuring that our client's applications can be assessed in as timely a manner as possible.

If you wish to provide any feedback about this communique, please provide this by emailing swep@bhs.org.au

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