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SWEP Supplier Communique - Wig Applications

15 November 2017

SWEP have conducted a review of wig applications and as a result a wig application form has been developed along with an Information leaflet. This will ensure a clear and consistent practice for all wig applications. These are located on the SWEP website here

All future applications for wigs will need to have an application form completed, by the client or in conjunction with the supplier.

A quote must be included when the application is submitted to SWEP and must state the following:
  • suppliers name, address, contact details and ABN
  • clients name and address
  • full name/description and cost of wig
  • GST
  • estimated delivery timeframe
  • quote validity - the quote must be valid for a minimum 30 days when received by SWEP (preference is 90 days)

The new process will take effect from December 1st 2017 (1/12/17). Any application received that does not include all the required information after this date will result in delays in SWEP funding.

If a client contacts you to for assistance with providing a wig that is to be partially funded by SWEP you will need to supply the client with a quote and a wig application form. If the client has not received funding through SWEP in the past they must also complete a Client Eligibility Form and have their Medical Practitioner complete the Confirmation of Disability, which forms part of the Client Eligibility Form.  This form can be found on the SWEP website https://swep.bhs.org.au/other-relevant-documents.php.

If you have any questions about the revised procedure, please do not hesitate to contact Joanne Hay on 5333 8134 or joanne.hay@bhs.org.au

Many thanks for your help in ensuring that our client's applications can be assessed in a timely manner.

If you wish to provide any feedback about this communique, please provide this by emailing swep@bhs.org.au

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