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SWEP Communique - Reissue Database

18 June 2018

As part of the directive from DHHS on the 28th of May 2018 any equipment that is held in the reissue pool for the state based scheme may only be reserved for people who are eligible for services through the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program (VA&EP).

The reissue pool also holds items purchased through the NDIS and is available to be reserved for NDIS participants.

To assist with identifying NDIS equipment asset numbers commence with the letter N and the following statement will appear on the Asset Information page for the equipment:


When a prescriber clicks on the ' Add asset to Cart ready for Re-Issue request " hyperlink, one of the following questions will appear to alert the prescriber of who can receive the equipment. 


Please note that if you reserve an item for the incorrect program it will be declined. 

Please contact SWEP if you have any queries on 1300 747 937.

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