SWEP Communique - Change to Reissue Database Login

29 August 2018

As a Prescriber, you have access to our Reissue equipment via the Reissue database. This allows you to source for your client, refurbished equipment that can be provided within 30 business days. Reissue equipment has no wait time for funding and can help reduce gap amounts for clients.

The Reissue database can be accessed from our website at the below link. There is also a Reissue user guide to guide you through the process
. https://swep.bhs.org.au/prescriber-reissue-database.php

In line with SWEPs new database, there has been a change in the Prescriber numbers allocated. From Thursday 30th August. Prescribers will need to log into the Reissue database using this new number.  For Prescribers previously registered in the old system you will no longer be able to use your old Prescriber number that may have started with an O or a P.

Your new Prescriber number starts with PRE and has a string of numbers after it e.g. PRExxxxx. You can check your Prescriber number under Manage Prescriber Registration when logged into the new Service Now portal - look for Prescriber ID.  You will also see this number at the start of your applications.

Here is a You Tube guide Chemtronics have created to assist you logging into the reissue database.
If you have any queries around your Prescriber number please contact SWEP to clarify. In addition, remember there are staff at Chemtronics who are happy to assist you with sourcing the right equipment for your client.

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