Continence Additional Product Requests

5 October 2018

Good Afternoon Continence Prescribers,
Recently some of you may have been advised that SWEP require you to obtain a quote from Independence Australia (IA) when submitting an additional product request.

We have received some feedback regarding the additional time this has taken you to obtain quotes from IA and have been working with our developers to remedy this issue.
We now have added additional item codes to the database to enable you to request 'off contract' products for both the Continence Aids Program and NDIS Continence Applications. To assist you with this new process, a User Guide has been developed and is located on the SWEP Website - For Prescribers, Other Relevant Documents, Specific to Continence Aids Program. Click here to view.
You will still be required to submit the Continence Aids Program Additional Product Request Form (for the State-funded Continence Aids Program) outlining the relevant product description details, manufacturer and supplier code, quantities and other mandatory fields in additional to requesting the relevant 'off contact'  item code from the cart.
SWEP will continue to request a quote from IA based on the information provided in the additional product request form or for NDIS off-contract products. IA product information can be found on the Independence Australia website.
Please ensure that you indicate in the description field if the quantity requested is a packet, carton or single item to ensure that we are placing an order for the correct quantities. Additional functionality has been added for Frequency of order on these " Off Contract " items and selected contracted items currently in the picking list.
Below is a list of  'off contract' products that have been added to the SWEP database.

NDIS Off Contract - Catheter
NDIS Off Contract - Disposable Bed Pads
NDIS Off Contract - Disposable Nappies/Pants
NDIS Off Contract - Disposable Pads
NDIS Off Contract - Drainage
NDIS Off Contract - Gloves
NDIS Off Contract - Skincare
NDIS Off Contract - Specialised
NDIS Off Contract - Washable Household
NDIS Off Contract - Washable Personal
NDIS Off Contract - Disposable
Off Contract - Catheter
Off Contract - Drainage
Off Contract - Specialised
Off Contract - Washable - Household
Off Contract - Washable - Personal

We thank you for your continued support and welcome your valuable feedback.
SWEP - Continence Team.

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