SWEP Organisational Restructure

1 November 2018

In order to respond to sector demands and remain as responsive as possible for all our SWEP programs, we have undertaken an internal review of current workload demands and staff allocations. As a result of this review, SWEP has undertaken an organisational restructure.
The main change as a result of this restructure is that the staff in the NDIS Team and State-funded programs have merged and the teams are now split by equipment type rather than by fund type. We believe this change will benefit our stakeholders by ensuring a more responsive service with the implementation of the following:
  • Changes to the phone queues (details are available on our website under the Contact page). The 1300 747 937 phone number remains the same but our options have been reduced to enable you to speak with an operator in a timelier manner and regardless of program, direct you to the appropriate equipment team.
  • The introduction of a dedicated phone queue to support prescribers specifically with database queries.
  • Changes to the SWEP Leadership Team portfolios to provide more easily accessible and dedicated contact points regardless of program or funding stream. Details of revised portfolio responsibilities are available on our website under the Contact - SWEP Team page.
Some changes to previous email addresses to align with the new team structures as below:
Please be mindful that all other SWEP emails addresses will only remain active up until the 15th of November
Please note: All OT's and Physios now have access to a ' NDIS Miscellaneous' script. This script can be used to prescribe any items for NDIS participants that do not fall within other script categories.

Thank you for your patience as SWEP continues to review our service provision. We are hopeful that this change will ensure an equitable and streamlined process for all stakeholders.

As always, your feedback is extremely important to us. We would like to encourage you to provide us with feedback in order to ensure that the changes we have made are positive, achieve the outcomes we intend and continue to increase efficiencies for you and your clients. Our aim is always to reduce the administrative burden for our stakeholders when we make changes, and if this is not the case, please tell us!

If you have any questions relating to these changes or would like to provide feedback, please email swep@bhs.org.au and we will respond to your query as quickly as possible.

Sue Vincent on behalf of the SWEP Leadership Team

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