SWEP Communique - NDIA Applications and Orders

9 November 2018

Dear Prescribers

SWEP is acutely aware of the frustrations and delays you are currently experiencing particularly related to prescribing for NDIS clients. You have been providing us with your constructive feedback and we are incredibly grateful for this.  We apologise for the delays and backlog that has been created as we attempt to process the 2300 outstanding applications, as well as the 800 outstanding orders that we have received approval from the NDIA to order. We also acknowledge the implications this has for participants and their families.

We have put in place a number of strategies to address the increasing back log, such as our team restructure, and while this has had some impact in the last few weeks we simply have not had sufficient resources to meet the demand and process the applications and orders in the time you would expect.

We have a good working relationship with the NDIA and are in regular communication to discuss issues as they arise, and we are currently working with the NDIA on revised working arrangements, however until these are settled we are unable maintain previous staffing levels and support longer-term contracts. Both the NDIA and SWEP are committed to resolving this as swiftly as possible.

The additional feedback we have received which is no doubt adding to frustrations is in relation to our database. This new IT platform will create significant efficiencies once it reaches full functionality but at present there are a number of fixes and enhancements that we are working through. We currently have a log of over 150 items that the developers are working through. Your feedback has helped us understand where the issues are and these will all be addressed as quickly as possible. We anticipate full functionality by the end of this calendar year.

We realise that the situation has become critical so we are implementing the following strategies immediately:

  1. The developers of our IT database have put on additional resources to work through the issues log
  2. A number of contracted staff  will have their contracts extended until 30th June 2019
  3. We are employing additional administration staff until the end of June 2019
  4. We are offering current staff overtime for the remainder of this month to push through the backlog
  5. We have created an additional team dedicated to processing the 800 outstanding orders

We kindly ask you to minimise your phone calls to our administrative officers for the remainder of November to those that are most critical, as time spent on the phone takes away from the ability to process orders and applications. However, for any urgent or critical issues you contact the Customer Service Team on 1300 747 937 option 7.

Again, we apologise for the current backlog and the delays you and your participants are experiencing and thank you for understanding.  If you would like to provide feedback or have any queries please email swepcaho@bhs.org.au

Kind regards,


Donna Markham                                              Jeni Burton
Chief Allied Health Officer                               SWEP Operations Director

Please click here to download a copy of this Communique.

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