LCGP Communique - Intention to waitlist applications

12 February 2019

The State-wide Equipment Program has been administering the Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program since its transition from Mercy Health in 2017.

The program covers 40% to 60% towards the cost of compression garments for eligible consumers diagnosed with Lymphoedema.

In the past SWEP have been able to administer the program with no waitlist, but unfortunately due to the high volume of applications SWEP is receiving, as of January 2019 this will no longer be possible.

SWEP will commence triaging applications under the Priority Access Guidelines (link provided below) and waitlisting applications where necessary. A summary of these Guidelines are as follows -

  • First time garment users and children under the age of 18 will be triaged with the highest priority
  • Made to measure re-order garments will be priority waitlisted
  • Off-the-shelf re-order garments will be non-priority waitlisted


To assist with application management and waitlist, consumers will now receive (where applicable) a gap-funding requirement letter to complete and return to SWEP prior to the application being either waitlisted or ordered. We would encourage you as the Prescriber to have this conversation with the consumer prior to submission of the application. The consumer can send the gap form back to SWEP via email to swepowl@bhs.org.au or via the reply paid envelope they will receive with the letter.

For any application waitlisted for longer than three months, SWEP will send an email to the Prescriber requesting confirmation that there has been no change in condition and that the garment is still required. Where it is identified there has been a change, you will be asked to provide up-dated details and quote for the most suitable garment to enable the application to proceed.

SWEP welcomes your feedback regarding this decision and request all feedback be provided via email to swep@bhs.org.au

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