SWEP Non-Customised Equipment Tender Outcome - Communique# 2

22 February 2019

As per our previous communique, SWEP is transitioning to our new 'non-customised' contracted equipment. The new items have now been loaded into our database.

We have made some changes to our picklists and catalogues based on feedback we have received, and in the interest of simplifying and streamlining this process for everyone. They are still located in the same place under 'For Prescriber, Picklist & Catalogue' on the website.  You will notice that we now have two picklists - one for contracted items and one for non-contracted items (if you select an item from this picklist you are required to provide a quote from your preferred Supplier). 

We have removed the credentialing level from the new picklists.  When you enter the item into your application online, you will see the credentialing level under the tab 'About This Item'.

Non-contract Picklist

We are revamping the quotable (non-contract) item picklist to make it more user friendly for you.

Environmental Control Units & Electronic Voice Aids have been updated, and further up-dates will follow soon.  This is located on the website under 'SWEP Quotable Picklist'.

Contract Picklist

This list is now available on our website - SWEP Contracted Item Picklist & Catalogue and includes all of our newly contracted items.  You do not need to source a quote if you select an item from this picklist. You will only require a quote for modifications and accessories.

The Contacted Items Picklist Catalogue includes photos, descriptions and specifications for the contracted items.  The picklist code for these items is the same as the Supplier's product code. Some information still needs to be added as we gather this from our contracted Suppliers; some of these are marked in red as 'TBC' (to be confirmed).  These up-dates will be made as soon as possible.   Please contact us if you have any difficulties in application submission during this time.

If you have already submitted an application that is impacted by these changes, SWEP may contact you to discuss the potential for substituting items through the newly contracted Suppliers. Alternatively, you can contact us if you have a submitted an application that you would like to switch over to a newly contracted item.

Please feel free to provide us with any feedback as we transition to our new contracts. You can provide feedback via swep@bhs.org.au or to Sarah Hiller/Projects Team Leader sarah.hiller@bhs.org.au  or on PH 5333 8107.

King Regards

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