SWEP Practitioner Communique

1 March 2019

Dear SWEP Practitioners

We have recently become aware of the below advice on the NDIA website that may be useful and below is a summary of this.

We have recently identified advice about options for practitioners and participants in relation to both the process for and enquiries about assistive technology and home modifications for NDIS participants. 

AT assessor, (practitioner) reports and quotes should be emailed direct to the relevant regional AT email inbox for Level 1 & 2 AT requests. Regional AT email inboxes addresses can be found here. Please note that SWEP can still manage Level 1 & 2 AT requests for NDIS participants, but this is entirely up to each participant.

AT assessor (practitioner) reports and quotes for Level 3 & 4 AT requests should continue to be lodged with SWEP via the on-line portal. SWEP will undertake the quality and practitioner credentialing check and forward the report to the relevant regional Agency office.

There is information published on the NDIS website to support participants and practitioners to make contact about specific and urgent Assistive Technology (AT) cases. People are encouraged to email their local service delivery team if they need to:

  • Alert the NDIA about any urgent requests due to equipment/AT failure, or imminent participant risk of harm, using the subject heading starting: 'Urgent action required:' followed by the relevant participant subject details.
  • Ask about a request for equipment/AT or home modifications submitted for NDIA decision.

Information about options to provide feedback and/or complaints about the NDIS can be found here. This page also includes a link to lodge an application for an internal review.

Completed Feedback and Complaints forms can be:

In addition, questions about systemic issues around the AT process, templates or guidance can be submitted to: Assistive.Tech@ndis.gov.au

The National Contact Centre (NCC) has also been provided with guidance to track and where needed, escalate urgent AT issues.

It is important to note that SWEP has tight KPI's with the Agency to submit completed applications within, and is currently operating within these timeframes. In addition, please note that SWEP does not 'approve' any AT requests, this role firmly sits within the Agency.

Until SWEP has been advised that approval is granted and plans have been updated, SWEP is unable to order AT requests for NDIS participants.


SWEP Management Team

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