SWEP Communique - Language & Database Revisions

12 March 2019

SWEP is in the process of adopting new language to ensure our terminology is reflective of contemporary practice. Some of these changes are already in development and others are planned for in our on-line application forms and Practitioner (Prescriber) frameworks.  You will see these changes take place over the coming weeks.  These changes will occur across our website, Practitioner Portal and correspondence from SWEP via emails, letters, communiques etc.

The changes are about a new user language to support both contemporary AT practice and updates to our Registration and Credentialing Framework revisions for greater clarity and consistency. In addition, to assist with further streamlining of the application process, we have reviewed all questions in the application and will being making some improvements and simplifications.

Some of the language changes that will be made are below:

Previous word

Descriptor as SWEP uses the word

Proposed word

Prescription/ script

Individually tailored combination of hard (actual AT item) and soft (human areas of decision making, strategies, training, concept formation and service delivery) assistive technologies

AT solution

The electronic form completed by AT Practitioners, to provide SWEP with the  information required, so SWEP can appropriately administer funds for requested AT items, on behalf of funding bodies. It includes the specifications related to AT items, made by the AT Practitioner



The individual tangible device/ item/ hard technology being funded by SWEP

 AT item


Person who has engaged with the consumer and is now submitting the recommendation to SWEP

AT Practitioner

( or Practitioner )


Person with a functional impairment/ disability who uses AT and who is eligible for funds under the SWEP


(Client) Characteristics

Features that impact the rating of the person and level of credentialing required by the practitioner

(Consumer) Attributes

Approval in Principle

Submitting with initially limited information, an application which is later completed fully when funding becomes available

Intention to apply


As these changes take place over the coming weeks, if you have any feedback or queries please email swep@bhs.org.au

SWEP Management Team

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