SWEP Communique - Chemtronics Employment Opportunity

19 March 2019

We are trying to fill a critical role in our SWEP re-issue service at Chemtronics. This role supports OT's and Physio's prescribing complex power and manual wheelchairs.

We are seeking applications from interested practitioners who may wish to consider a 12 month role / secondment (maternity leave replacement).

Further details about the role and the Position Description can be found here:


To download this Communique click here

Also, please see below from a spiel from the current incumbent about what she loves about her job!

Kind regards,

Donna (Chief Allied Health Officer)

Basically, what I like about the job is:

1) I get to do all the fun stuff around wheelchair and seating prescription, without much of the annoying stuff like reports and funding applications.

2) I feel like I get to run a seating clinic but I use recycled equipment. I don't have to sit and wait for months/years for funding for some minor positioning aid, I often just run out the back and grab things to fit right there in the clinic. It's a job that minimises waste but gets great outcomes in short time frames.

3) There is a really nice culture here and everyone is really friendly including management.

4) The job is really self-directed and autonomous.

The job is currently 4 days a week but I feel like there would be some flexibility there. If you're interested but have different requirements re time, I would say it is worth applying anyway. It's a good job to do part time and keep your toe in private practice as well.



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