SWEP Communique - New Contracted Items and Portal

24 April 2019

With the recent introduction of our new contracted suppliers to the portal, you would have noticed many changes to how you can select items for your consumer.

Contracted items have undergone rigorous testing as part of the hands on evaluation of the tender process. All contracted equipment meets the necessary Australian or equivalent international standard for that item and was tested for durability and recommended use by our panel of Clinical Advisors and Rehabilitation Engineer engaged for this trial. Only contracted items are listed in the SWEP Contracted Items Picklist & Catalogue.

Many of our contracted suppliers have offered items and accessories that are often required as an accessory of the item selected or is offered at better than normal retail pricing. These items are what we consider a Priced item and SWEP have been provided with the price for this item already and no quote is required. When you choose an item in the Portal and click on the item for more information, you will see the item will state that no quote is required. Contracted and priced items will advise 'No Quote required' and you can select the item as part of the shopping cart for your application. Any items listed as 'Quote Required' will require the Practitioner to seek a quote from the relevant supplier.

SWEP want to make it very clear priced and quotable items have not undergone the hands on testing by SWEP that the contracted items have. We ask that the Practitioner when selecting these items is doing so as it is the best solution for their consumer and have considered the equipment and the needs of your consumer.

We would also like to take this opportunity to advise that along with streamlining the picklist codes for contracted items we have also reviewed and updated our Quotable Picklist Codes. These codes have been simplified in order to make it easier for our Practitioners to choose an appropriate code for the items they are selecting.

 If you have any queries or feedback in relation to this please email Sarah Hiller E: sarah.hiller@bhs.org.au


Sarah Hiller

Projects & Finance Team Leader

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