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SWEP Communique - Reissue Items and applications

15 September 2021

Dear Practitioner,

We would like to remind our Practitioners the importance of checking the reissue database for equipment.  Under the Victorian Aids & Equipment Guidelines, Practitioners are required to source re-issue as first option on all applications. Reissue applications are not waitlisted for funding and all applications are processed within 10 days of receipt.

Note: no consumer will be placed on the waiting list for the supply of new equipment if it has been identified that a reissue item is available.

We collect equipment daily from consumers which means the database is being updated regularly with new items. Whether you are submitting a new application or have a consumer on the waitlist we encourage you to review what's available.

Reserved items with Chemtronics are held for 30 days and then released back to into the reissue pool automatically.  It's vital to submit your application allowing 10 days for it to be processed prior to the end of the 30-day period.

Chemtronics refurbish the equipment and manage the reissue database. They are also able to modify/ customise equipment and provide a quote to submit with your application.

Sarah Casey, Occupational Therapist, at Chemtronics works closely with SWEP to offer support for Practitioners and consumers providing expert advice on suitability of reissue equipment and customisation by appointment if required.  Sarah has a wealth of knowledge in particular around complex wheelchair and seating prescription as well as pressure care management.

Tim Belleville continues to provide expert technical support at Chemtronics also. Tim is able to assist you with any database issues around navigating and identifying the right equipment. To contact either Sarah or Tim please call Chemtronics on PH: 9463 2888.

A link to the Reissue database and a user guide is available here on our website.

If you match a reissue item for your consumer:

  • For a new application simply reserve the item with Chemtronics, on your SWEP application choose "reissue equipment" in the "About the Item" tab and for the picklist type in REI and choose the appropriate reissue picklist code, enter the asset number and reservation ID.
  • If you have already submitted your application and find a match, again reserve the item with Chemtronics and either call SWEP to put application back to draft for you to update, or you can email us the call request, asset number and application details and we can update this for you.


Any queries please email swep@bhs.org.au


SWEP Management Team

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