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SWEP Communique - Subsidy and Pick List code for swivel bath chair

17 September 2021

Dear Practitioner,

We would like to clarify which application category should be chosen when applying for a swivel bath chair as we are seeing different categories being selected for this item. We also understand that current practice is seeing the incorrect subsidy amount being provided.

This item could come under bathing or transfer but the intention of this item is to assist the consumer to transfer into the bath so please submit these requests on the transfer application/category.  This allows us to apply a subsidy of $200 under basic transfer equipment. 

Any applications we have received to date which have been assessed at the $500 limit will still be provided this dollar amount. Any applications received after 19th September 2021 the $200 subsidy will be applied.

We have updated our quotable pick list catalogue to remove from bathing the S1.6 basic transfer bench.

A new pick list code has been created under the transfer pick list of Z1.9 swivel bath chair that you can choose for this item.  For any bath transfer bench or basic transfer equipment please use quotable picklist code Z1.9 - the description on this item has been updated also.

If you have any queries or feedback on this above please email swep@bhs.org.au

SWEP Management Team

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