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SWEP Communique - Practitioner Re-Credentialing

20 December 2021

Dear SWEP practitioners

As you are aware, SWEP uses a credentialing based process to acknowledge practitioner levels of experience and currency in a range of assistive technology and professional areas of practice.

What is re-credentialing?

Re-credentialing is the process of periodically reviewing and verifying credentials to ensure a practitioner continues to meet SWEP's requirements and standards applicable to one or more categories or areas of practice. This includes maintenance of roles, experience, mileage, currency, complexity and ongoing learning.

When do I need to re-credential?

SWEP credentialing operates under a five-year credentialing cycle, which for many practitioners will be June 2022.

Each time you upgrade your credentialing levels or add a category to your credentialing profile, your credentialing cycle is reset for another five years. This includes people who have recently credentialed for the category Capacity and Performance Evaluation (CAPE) for TAC.

The upcoming credentialing cycle renewal will only be for people who have had no credentialing activity within the SWEP system over the past five years.

How do I re-credential?

When it is time for you to re-credential, SWEP will send you an email with detailed information to guide you through the process.

We have tried to ensure the process is as streamlined and efficient as possible for you and therefore will be based on a declaration process. We will need you to check your registration profile within the SWEP portal, review The Standard for your current SWEP credentialing levels, determine whether or not you still meet the threshold criteria, and then complete the credentialing application form and sign the declaration.


What happens if I don't re-credential? 

If you decide not to recredential, then at the end of your five-year credentialing cycle, SWEP will change your registration profile to 'inactive'. This means you will no longer be able to submit applications through the SWEP portal.

If you wish to re-activate your SWEP registration and credentialing, then you will need to commence a new credentialling application process.

What should I do now?

In order to prepare for re-credentialing, SWEP recommends that you:

  1.  Don't stress! The re-credentialing process has been designed to have minimal impost on your time without reducing confidence in the voracity of the process, or the recognition of your experience through the credentialing system. 
  2. Check your contact details within the SWEP portal to ensure that SWEP is able to contact you when it is time for you to re-credential. 
  3. Start thinking about your existing credentialing levels and how they reflect your current work and practice. 
  4. Look out for an email from SWEP advising that it is time for you to engage with the re-credentialing process.


 How can I learn more about re-credentialing?

SWEP has set up a section on the SWEP website to provide additional information about re-credentialing which you can find here - https://swep.bhs.org.au/re-credentialing.php

Each of The Standards for your profession or area of practice (available on the website here) lists the requirements for re-credentialing.

If you have questions or concerns you can also contact SWEP on the new credentialing email address swepcredentialing@bhs.org.au



Donna Markham
SWEP - Chief Allied Health Officer

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