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SWEP Communique - Reissue Equipment FAQ

2 March 2022

What is 'SWEP reissue' equipment?

SWEP funded assistive technology is owned by SWEP where we have funded more than 50% towards the cost and the item is considered 're-issuable'.


When we are advised that a consumer no longer needs an item that is re-issuable, SWEP arranges collection of the equipment via our contracted Repairs & Re-issue Supplier, Chemtronics. 


The item then undergoes a 'viability assessment' to determine whether it is in good enough condition to be reissued to another consumer.

What is the SWEP reissue database?

Any items that are considered to be in very good condition and suitable for re-issue to another SWEP consumer are entered onto our reissue database.

How do I access reissue items for my clients?

AT Practitioners who are registered with SWEP receive a log in to our Re-issue database to enable them to search for items for their clients once they receive their SWEP AT Practitioner Registration ID.


Once AT Practitioners identify a suitable item, they can reserve the item and attach the reservation number to the SWEP application.


Relevant links to our reissue database and User Guide can be found on our website via the link below https://swep.bhs.org.au/prescriber-reissue-database.php

How long does my reservation last?

You can reserve an item in our reissue database for a period of 30 days, after which time it automatically closes and returns the item to the available reissue pool. It is important that you complete your application to SWEP within a timeframe that allows for SWEP processing (10 working days) otherwise you are at risk that your reservation will expire and the item will no longer be available.  


In extenuating circumstances, you can extend the reservation by contacting SWEP.

Should AT Practitioners always consider reissue equipment for their clients?

Our program is funded by the State Government and our Operational Policies mandate that if there is a suitable reissue item available, we will not fund a new item instead, unless there is clear clinical rationale as to why a similar reissue item is not suitable.


Many items available through SWEP require a co-contribution or gap payment. Recommending reissue equipment means that there are no out-of-pocket costs for our eligible consumers.


Our program receives a capped budget each year and experiences high demand for support. Applications for support are triaged based on urgency of need, however there can be delays before consumers can be supported when new items are requested.  These delays may be related to available budget and/or consumers being unable to fund often considerable co-contribution costs for new items.

What is the wait for reissue equipment?

There is no wait for access to reissue equipment, regardless of priority of need.


All equipment initially receives a hospital grade clean when collected, and once identified as suitable for another consumer, will undergo any necessary refurbishment or modifications to prepare the item for reissue to the new consumer.


Who is able to access SWEP reissue equipment?

Consumers who meet the eligibility criteria for the Victorian Aids & Equipment Program.

How is reissue equipment delivered to my client?

Our contracted supplier, Chemtronics, liaises with you to arrange delivery direct to consumers.

Where do I access expert clinical and technical support regarding reissue equipment?

For information or support about powered wheelchairs, manual wheelchairs and postural seating contact Sarah Casey on 9463 2809 or scasey@chemtronics.com.au


Sarah is an Occupational Therapist with over 20 years' experience. Sarah has worked in numerous clinical settings, many with a specific focus on wheelchair and postural seating. Sarah can assist with specific equipment information and also support AT Practitioners in the clinical decision making around prescription for more complex equipment.


For any information or support regarding any other reissue equipment, contact Tim Belleville on 9463 2804 or tim.belleville@chemtronics.com.au


Tim is a Rehabilitation Technician with over 28 years' experience in the industry and a wealth of knowledge regarding assistive technology and its functionality.


Both Sarah and Tim are located at our Reissue warehouse in Thomastown and are available to support matching items for your clients.  




SWEP Management Team

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