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SWEP Communique - LCGP Operational Changes July 1, 2022

7 June 2022

In the 2020-21FY, the Department of Health (DH) provided additional funding for a term of four years to the Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program (LCGP). The objective of the additional funding was to increase access to an approved range of subsidised garments and the number of consumers supported.

Review of demand trends since the injection of additional funds has identified that the program has had a far greater reach for this consumer cohort and enabled introduction of an increased range of garments.


Through feedback channels, processes implemented have appeared to unfairly disadvantage consumers in relation to the funding they receive, based on the number of garments they need per limb or number of limbs affected. This has created confusion for consumers and placed extra administrative burden for Practitioners, Suppliers and SWEP staff and does not align with the overarching subsidy limits by equipment category across other Victorian Aids & Equipment programs.

Consultation has been undertaken to review data to ensure parity can be achieved for all LCGP consumers. Considerations included:

  • the maximum number of consumers supported is achievable within available budget
  • the risk of requiring introduction of a waiting list is mitigated as much as possible
  • confusion in relation to garment quantities per consumer and per limb and subsidy allocation is alleviated
  • reduction of administrative burden for stakeholders
  • equity for all eligible consumers regardless of garment type and limbs affected


The DH has now approved further changes to the way we manage applications for LCGP consumers, to be implemented from July 1, 2022 of a flat rate maximum subsidy per annum for both off the shelf and made to measure garments per body part/limb. This change will ensure greater equity for all eligible consumers.

Please see the excerpt from the LCGP Operational Policies which outline the changes in the table below:

Available items

Maximum subsidy

Practitioner qualification

  Items available per year;

  Garments are available for limbs      only.

  SWEP do not fund padding or          additional liners


  Single Limb - off the shelf, ready      to wear or wraps


  Single Limb - Made to Measure


  Bi Lateral - off the shelf, ready to      wear or wraps


  Bi Lateral - Made to Measure


  Donner subsidy available as 'once      off' only






$250 per annum


$550 per annum


$500 per annum


$1,100 per annum


$60 once only

  Current general AHPRA registration as an                    Occupational Therapist

  OR Physiotherapist

  OR Registered Nurse

  OR Nurse Practitioner

  OR Medical Practitioner


  completion of an Australasian Lymphology                  Association (ALA) endorsed course (consistent with    the scope of practice of your primary health                  profession, your role and chosen scope of practice)


  ALA Accredited Lymphoedema Practitioner on the        National Lymphoedema Practitioner Register


What does this mean for existing LCGP consumers?

All applications received post July 1, 2022 will be managed accordingly.

If you have any questions please contact our team on 1300 747 937 and select Option 1, Option 4.

Kind Regards
SWEP Leadership Team

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