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SWEP Communique - Additional VA&EP Funding

21 July 2022

Dear Practitioner,

We are pleased to advise you about additional funding we have received for the next two financial years. This funding is the result of a Whole of Government budget bid to continue to provide a range of supports for Victorians who do not meet the NDIS eligibility criteria, or where the NDIS cannot support a participant's outcomes with supports under the NDIS.

The additional funding will be targeted specifically for the consumer cohort seeking support through VA&EP who are aged under 65 years and ineligible for support through the NDIS.

What this means is that you may notice these consumers receive access to our funding more quickly than others, regardless of their priority.

Please ensure that you continue to provide advice to us in your applications for this consumer cohort that they are ineligible for NDIS support.

If you have any queries in relation to this communique please do not hesitate to contact us via email on swep@bhs.org.au


SWEP Management Team

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