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SWEP Communique - Reissue Database

18 June 2018
As part of the directive from DHHS on the 28th of May 2018 any equipment that is held in the reissue pool for the state based scheme may only be reserved for people who are eligible for services through the Victorian Aids and Equipment Program (VA&EP).

The reissue pool also holds items purchased through the NDIS and is available to be reserved for NDIS participants

SWEP Communique - SWEP Endorsed Education

14 June 2018
SWEP are pleased to advise we have added further endorsed education programs to our website.  These programs can assist with your Continuing Professional Development (CPD).  You can also apply these with the approved points when applying to re credential or upgrade your Prescriber Levels with SWEP. You will find the endorsed education on our website under For Prescribers / Prescriber Education

SWEP Communique - CAHO Announcement

7 June 2018
Dear Prescribers,

SWEP is pleased to advise that Donna Markham, SWEP Chief Allied Health Officer has been appointed as the Chief Allied Health Officer for Safer Care Victoria, Department of Health and Human Services.

SWEP Communique - The New SWEP Database and You

25 May 2018

SWEP will be launching a new database on 2nd July 2018.  The new database will provide a user friendly experience for all users. We need your help to make sure the data we migrate to the new system is as accurate as possible.

Please read this communique carefully as there are some important actions you need to take to ensure your details and any draft applications you have are not missed. 

SWEP Communique - Heartway Power Wheelchairs & Scooters

22 May 2018

Due to a fire at Heartway's Taiwan warehouse in April 2018, we have been advised Heartway will not be supplying any parts until after September 2018 which will impact on repairs currently being undertaken or future repairs of consumers' equipment.

SWEP's contracted repairer, Chemtronics, has some parts from equipment held for reissue that can be reused. SWEP and/or Chemtronics will advise clients affected at the time of any likely delays.

SWEP Bed Communique May 2018

18 May 2018

Dear Prescribers,

Last year SWEP worked with our Clinical Advisors and Rehabilitation Engineer to review the prescription of bedding systems. This was a significant piece of work which aimed to develop tools and resources to assist clinicians to identify the most suitable bed and mattress for a person with a disability regardless of their size, weight or age.

There were several important outcomes to this project;

  1. Changes to the prescription of beds with bedrail guidelines
  2.  Introduction of an assessment tool for bed, mattress and bed equipment
  3. Clinical considerations for bedrails and bed sticks sheet

SWEP Continence Communique

26 April 2018
Summary: SWEP is acutely aware that some of our adult clients are waiting in excess of 12 months for their continence products.

We have implemented a strategy to support as many people as we can and reduce wait times by providing those people who need washable products (bedding and briefs) with a ' one-time " supply only.

EOI for State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) Subject Matter Experts

21 April 2018
SWEP is seeking EOI's from Rehabilitation Engineers, Recreational Therapists, Allied Health Clinicians with Educational expertise and Respiratory Scientists to join our expert Panel.

The Subject Matter Experts will join our Clinical Advisor Panel to provide advice to the Chief Allied Health Officer, SWEP.
We are seeking highly experienced candidates who can demonstrate a minimum 10 years of experience working either with assistive technology (AT), oxygen equipment, or educating Allied Health professionals.  Candidates should also be able to demonstrate participation in activities that contribute directly to maintaining there competence and expertise.

SWEP and BHS request for tender for Non Customised Equipment

19 April 2018

SWEP & Ballarat Health Services on 17th April 2018 released a request for tender for Non Customised Equipment. Details of this tender can be found on the Vic Tenders website.

Please click here for more information

VCRC State Conference Registration

22 March 2018

CFA Vic Branch will proudly host the 7th Annual Regional State Conference "The Scope and Spectrum of Incontience" at the RACV Club Resort in Torquay.

This event will take place across two days from 17 - 18 May 2018 and will include a pre-conference afternoon workshop followed by a full day of exciting presentations and discussions.

SWEP Communique - Update AHPRA Number for SWEP Web Portal

15 February 2018

Dear Prescribers,


We are currently auditing the SWEP prescriber registrations for missing AHPRA numbers.

If you can check your SWEP Web portal details to confirm we do have your correct AHPRA number recorded. If not you can update your details or forward your AHPRA number to us.

Expression of Interest (EOI) for State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) Clinical Advisor Panel

19 December 2017
SWEP is seeking EOI's from Physiotherapists, Occupational Therapists, Speech Pathologists, Orthotists, Continence Nurses, Podiatrists and Respiratory Physicians to join our expert Panel.

The Clinical Advisor Panel provides clinical support and validation to prescribers as well as expert advice to the Chief Allied Health Officer, SWEP.

SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework Update

19 October 2017

The revised SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework - The Framework, was launched in July 2017.

At this time we acknowledged that SWEP was leading the way and entering new territory with The Framework and asked for your valued feedback.

Thank you to those who have taken the time to familiarise themselves with The Framework and provide us with really important feedback.

SWEP Communique - Changes to Guidelines for Supply of Voice Prostheses

2 October 2017

The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) has received additional funding from the Victorian Government that has enabled us to review guidelines in relation to the number of voice prostheses that can be supplied per annum
As of July 1, 2017, eligible clients will be able to apply for a maximum of 3 voice prostheses over a 12-month period from the date of the first application.  
Additional demand for this item category will be carefully monitored over the next 12 months. 

SWEP Prescriber Communique - Home Modifications Service Release - Now Live

2 October 2017
It is with great pleasure that I announce you can now submit applications online via the SWEP portal using the revised Home Modification model for both the Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP) and for the National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS).

SWEP Prescriber Communique - Home Modifications Service Release

28 September 2017
SWEP is excited to announce the release of the revised Home Modification Service for both the Aids and Equipment Program (A&EP) and for the National Disability Insurance Scheme.

SWEP Communique - Voice Prosthesis Product Discontinuation from Atos Medical

7 September 2017

Please see the attached communique received from Atos Medical advising that they will be discontinuing the supply of the following products:

1. Provox 2 Range of Voice Prosthesis

2. Provox Vega & Vega  XtraSeal Voice Prosthesis (Smart Inserter models)

SWEP Communique - Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program (LCGP)

1 September 2017

Dear Prescribers,

As always thank you all for your valuable feedback during the transition to online submission of applications for the Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program (LCGP).

As we previously mentioned in our last communique all applications must be submitted via our website from the 1st of September 2017. As from today we will no longer accept any applications lodged by mail, email or fax.

SWEP Communique - Orthotic Quote Template Update

1 September 2017
Dear Prescribers,

I would like to thank everyone who provided feedback following the release of the orthotic quotation template. Some further updates have been made to meet your requirements. The updated version and be found here.

SWEP Prescriber Communique - Home Modifications Update

30 August 2017

Dear Prescribers,

I am pleased to announce that the revised home modification service is in the final stages of testing and we are on the verge of releasing the model.  We anticipated the release would be this month, however we have decided to postpone the release to next month to finalise adjustments to the online application.  SWEP acknowledges the postponement may be an inconvenience for some Prescribers, however our preference is to deliver the best service possible and we believe a short delay will achieve this.

SWEP Prescriber Communique - SWEP AOPA Quotation Template

15 August 2017
I am excited to announce that SWEP has consulted with AOPA to create a quotation template to be submitted with future orthotic applications. The aim of this template is to ensure clear, consistent quotation practice that will allow us to better understand your services and costs. Expert practitioners within the field have reviewed the template to ensure it aligns closely with the practices of our prescriber group

SWEP Prescriber Communique - Client Communication & Portal Log in

11 August 2017
SWEP Prescriber Communique - Use of client email for SWEP Communications & Use of Prescriber Portal log in

SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework

31 July 2017
We are very excited to be launching the revised SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework - The Framework.

Prescriber Communique - DOP Contract

25 July 2017
Dear Prescribers,

Following a robust tendering process that commenced in September 2016, SWEP can confirm Air Liquide Healthcare P/L (Air Liquide) as the successful bidder to provide home oxygen under the Domiciliary Oxygen Program.

Ballarat Health Services/SWEP and Air Liquide have entered a new agreement that means that Air Liquide will continue to provide oxygen to eligible clients for the next two years, until 30 June 2019.

SWEP Prescriber Communique - End of Financial Year

7 July 2017
As a follow on to our communique last week, SWEP received a significant allocation of funding in June that need to be fully expended by Friday 30th June. As per my previous communique, the way we are allocating the funding may initially seem confusing and not appear to align with our Priority of Access Guidelines, but it is important that you understand that the funding has been targeted specifically at those people over the age of 65 years who had been on our waiting list for specific categories of equipment. It is important to note that we were unable to target waitlist applications for clients who required high cost home modifications, or where the supplier was unknown.

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