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SWEP Communique - SWEP update regarding review of the Home Modifications Panel

17 April 2019

Following development of a revised operating model for its administration of Home Modifications, the State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) established a panel of providers, known as the SWEP Builders and Tradespersons Panel. An open Expression of Interest process was undertaken and the Panel commenced operation in October 2017.

At its outset, the SWEP Builders and Tradespersons Panel sought improved reliability, accessibility, safety, capability, accountability, value and consumer outcomes in home modifications and greater protection for home owners. SWEP wishes to acknowledge the enthusiasm, commitment and support the SWEP Builders and Tradespersons Panel have provided to SWEP and our consumers since inception.

Following significant feedback and analysis of the Panel arrangement, SWEP has subsequently undertaken an extensive review of the SWEP Builders & Tradespersons Panel.  Factors impacting the Panel have been varied, and both external and internal stakeholder feedback has been considered in this review. Common themes as well as stakeholder specific issues have emerged.

SWEP Communique - Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program

25 March 2019

In February 2019, SWEP released a communique advising that due to increased demand on the Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program (LCGP) we would need to waitlist applications for funding. At that time we also advised that we would send gap confirmation forms to consumers prior to placing them on the waitlist or raising an order.

A further review of our processes has now been undertaken following extensive feedback received from AT Practitioners. Effective immediately we will no longer be using or sending out gap forms for these applications. Those consumers who have already received a gap form will be notified of this change (along with their Practitioner), with their application transitioning straight to the waitlist.

SWEP Communique - Chemtronics Employment Opportunity

19 March 2019

We are trying to fill a critical role in our SWEP re-issue service at Chemtronics. This role supports OT's and Physio's prescribing complex power and manual wheelchairs.

We are seeking applications from interested practitioners who may wish to consider a 12 month role / secondment (maternity leave replacement).

SWEP Communique - Language & Database Revisions

12 March 2019
SWEP is in the process of adopting new language to ensure our terminology is reflective of contemporary practice. Some of these changes are already in development and others are planned for in our on-line application forms and Practitioner (Prescriber) frameworks.  You will see these changes take place over the coming weeks.  These changes will occur across our website, Practitioner Portal and correspondence from SWEP via emails, letters, communiques etc.

SWEP Practitioner Communique

1 March 2019

Dear SWEP Practitioners

We have recently become aware of the below advice on the NDIA website that may be useful and below is a summary of this.

We have recently identified advice about options for practitioners and participants in relation to both the process for and enquiries about assistive technology and home modifications for NDIS participants. 

AT assessor, (practitioner) reports and quotes should be emailed direct to the relevant regional AT email inbox for Level 1 & 2 AT requests. Regional AT email inboxes addresses can be found here. Please note that SWEP can still manage Level 1 & 2 AT requests for NDIS participants, but this is entirely up to each participant.

SWEP Non-Customised Equipment Tender Outcome - Communique# 2

22 February 2019
As per our previous communique, SWEP is transitioning to our new 'non-customised' contracted equipment. The new items have now been loaded into our database.

We have made some changes to our picklists and catalogues based on feedback we have received, and in the interest of simplifying and streamlining this process for everyone. They are still located in the same place under 'For Prescriber, Picklist & Catalogue' on the website.  You will notice that we now have two picklists - one for contracted items and one for non-contracted items (if you select an item from this picklist you are required to provide a quote from your preferred Supplier). 

SWEP Communique: Product Recall - Convatec Products

15 February 2019
SWEP has been advised of a recall of the below listed Convatec products -

SWEP Non Customised Equipment Tender Outcome

15 February 2019
After a rigorous and robust evaluation process, SWEP is pleased to announce that the Non-Customised Equipment Tender is now complete. This has ensured that the equipment selected has been certified under the relevant Australian Standards, meets the specifications required by our consumer group and has been secured at the best value for money.

LCGP Communique - Intention to waitlist applications

12 February 2019

The State-wide Equipment Program has been administering the Lymphoedema Compression Garment Program since its transition from Mercy Health in 2017.

The program covers 40% to 60% towards the cost of compression garments for eligible consumers diagnosed with Lymphoedema.

In the past SWEP have been able to administer the program with no waitlist, but unfortunately due to the high volume of applications SWEP is receiving, as of January 2019 this will no longer be possible.

Chemtronics Employment Opportunity

11 February 2019
Dear AT Practitioners,

An exciting opportunity is available for an Occupational Therapist or Physiotherapist to work at Chemtronics Direct as part of the SWEP and Chemtronics partnership.

The role is 12 month, part time (30 hours per week) contract based in Thomastown.

SWEP Communique Database - Vehicle Modifications

1 February 2019
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience, as we make changes to the following category. 
From Monday 4th February, 2019, when completing an application the new categories that you will choose are listed below.

Vehicle Modifications Category
  • Vehicle Mods - Driver
  • Vehicle Mods - Other (includes Passenger & Vehicle) 
In application pre-screening the question " Are you a VicRoads assessor" has been removed. 
Changes to Prescriber Credentials have also been modified to reflect the new categories. 

If you have any queries with your credentials for Vehicle modifications please contact sue.vincent@bhs.org.au for further information.

SWEP Communique Database - Vehicle Modifications

25 January 2019
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience as we make changes to the Vehicle Modifications category.  
As a result, you will be unable to select this category in the database from Friday, 25 January at 5pm.

SWEP Communique - Confirmation of Disability

5 December 2018

We have been working very hard on improving our application process for all stakeholders, especially our Consumers and Prescribers.

Both SWEP and the Department of Health and Human Services recognise that the SWEP Prescriber Registration and Credentialing Framework ensures that Prescribing therapists have the skill and expertise required to complete the "Confirmation of Disability" section of the Eligibility form.

SWEP Communique - Funding Transition

25 October 2018
We are very excited to announce that we have recently received updated information that relates to the communique released by DHHS on 28th May 2018. This communique relates to the ongoing support of clients transitioning to the NDIS. Since the release of this communique, DHHS and SWEP have continued to discuss how the State can support clients during their transition.

Continence Additional Product Requests

5 October 2018
Good Afternoon Continence Prescribers,
Recently some of you may have been advised that SWEP require you to obtain a quote from Independence Australia (IA) when submitting an additional product request.

We have received some feedback regarding the additional time this has taken you to obtain quotes from IA and have been working with our developers to remedy this issue.

SWEP Communique - Announcing SWEP Clinical Advisors and Subject Matter Experts

10 September 2018

The SWEP Clinical Advisory Panels consist of Clinical Advisors and Subject Matter Experts who are recognised leaders in their clinical field and a critical component of the clinical governance for SWEP.

The Clinical Advisors and Subject Matter Experts support the function of the Chief Allied Health Officer, SWEP by providing a panel of expert advice for each category of assistive technology or key components of professional governance

SWEP Communique - Change to Reissue Database Login

29 August 2018

As a Prescriber, you have access to our Reissue equipment via the Reissue database. This allows you to source for your client, refurbished equipment that can be provided within 30 business days. Reissue equipment has no wait time for funding and can help reduce gap amounts for clients.

Independence Australia Closure - 30th August to 5th September 2018

24 August 2018

Independence Australia Closure - 30th August to 5th September 2018

Independence Australia have advised they are updating their systems and will be closed from 4pm Thursday 30th August and will reopen at 8am on Wednesday 5th September 2018.

All orders placed with Independence Australia after 5pm on Tuesday 28th of August will not be processed until they reopen on the 5th of September.

SWEP Communique - New database Adding Supplier Quotes #15

13 August 2018
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience as we transition to the new database.
  • Additional functionality with supplier quotes   -

SWEP Communique - Prescriber Communication

10 July 2018
Feedback from the Chief Allied Health Officer re: Failed Scripts and New Prescription Forms
Dear Prescribers,

Thank you for your feedback over the last week regarding my communique on Prescriber accountabilities and failed scripts, as well as your feedback regarding the new prescription forms.
SWEP remains committed to continuous improvement based on the experiences and feedback of our Prescribers. Please see below for an update and the immediate changes we have made.

SWEP Communique - Prescriber Communication #6

6 July 2018
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience as we transition to the new database.
Communication will continue over the coming weeks. We are listening to your feedback and are committed to making improvements to the new database.

As a result of your feedback information contained in an application has been reviewed and we have commenced making improvements.   

SWEP Database - Prescriber Communique #4

4 July 2018
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience as we transition to the new database. We appreciate that that it is a new layout and it may take some time to get used to the format.  During the first couple of days we have identified a couple of technical issues that SWEP are working to resolve. Once these are rectified, we will send our further communiques. 

SWEP Database - Prescriber Communique #5 - Resolution to Database issues

4 July 2018
SWEP would like to thank you for your patience as we transition to the new database. Please see below the following issues that were identified in previous Communique.

SWEP Database & Prescriber Responsibilities - Prescriber Communique #3

29 June 2018

New Database
SWEP have been communicating regularly with our prescribers about our new database/Prescriber portal, which will go live Monday 2nd July 2018. The new service will allow us to streamline our processes and create a more user friendly Portal for our Prescribers and staff.

All Prescribers will receive an automated email on Sunday 1st July 2018. This will include your new user name and password to enable you to log into the new Portal from Monday 2nd July for all new applications.

SWEP Database - Prescriber Communique #2

19 June 2018

As previously communicated SWEP is launching a new database commencing 2nd July 2018.  However, the transition involves a high volume of data migration, from multiple sources. There will be a short-term, but unavoidable disruption to our systems. We will keep the consequent disruption to our services to a minimum.

Please read this communique carefully

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