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Prescriber Presentation

3 November 2016
Presentation given by Wendy Hubbard regarding SWEPs new credentialling model

SWEP Communique - Beds, Mattresses and Bed Accessories

2 November 2016
From November 1 Bedsticks will be moved to Red category. This is in recognition of the complexity of prescribing bedsticks given the number of the adverse events which have occurred across the country where clients have either been injured or have died.

SWEP Communique - Phone & Team Changes

31 October 2016
As per our previous communique, in order to improve SWEP's services and more closely manage our applications we have now changed our team structure.

Swep Prescriber Update

18 October 2016
In order to improve SWEPs services and more closely manage our applications we will be going through a change in structure over the next several months.

Product Recall for product correction - Rehab Assist C-Series ceiling hoists

20 September 2016
The Therapeutic Goods Administration has issued a recall notice for Rehab Assist C-Series ceiling hoists. The recall is for product correction of some carry bars used with the ceiling hoists, due to the potential for a plastic attachment swivel to break.

SWEP Domiciliary Oxygen Program Prescriber Manual - August 2016

30 August 2016

Dear Oxygen Prescribers,

You may not be aware that SWEP offers assistance to all SWEP registered Prescribers in the form of a Clinical Advisors Panel. The Oxygen Clinical Advisors Panel has been working on developing a guide for the Oxygen Program that will assist you in completing the application process for your clients.

SWEP Orthotics and Footwear

19 July 2016
Further to our communique published on the 29th of June 2016 regarding the review of the Orthotics and Footwear program please find following a copy of Information for Orthotics: Standardised Quotes & Invoices, Frequently Asked Questions for your information.

Prescriber Newsletter July 2016

8 July 2016
Please see the attached Prescriber Newsletter

Prescriber Update Home Modifications

1 July 2016

Dear Prescriber,

As you may be aware from previous communiques, SWEP is introducing a new home modification model. In consultation with regulatory bodies' advice, the new model will incorporate Architects, Builders, Draftspersons, Building Surveyors and Building Inspectors to provide a quality assurance process for clients that receive funding from SWEP.

Website Communique

1 July 2016

Thank you all for your patience, co-operation and feedback over recent months following the rollout of the new website, particularly while we have worked with our Web Designer to rectify any issues.

Excitement from prescribers around the re-launch has been encouraging, particularly as identified issues have been readily resolved, so thank you to for embracing this technological change and providing feedback to us.

Orthotics and Footwear Update

29 June 2016

Following an external review of the way we provide Orthotics and Footwear services to SWEP clients we have instituted a number of changes and are continuing to audit processes. Please note as a result of this, there will be a number of changes implemented effective immediately and ongoing.

Prescriber Update - Prior to July 1st 2016

28 June 2016
Dear Prescribers,

As you know SWEP is moving to application submission through our website only on July 1, 2016. We have resolved the vast majority of highlighted issues and continue to work on any new issues which arise as a matter of priority. Our IMT team continues to address individual issues as they are logged.

Prescriber Update - Home Modifications

23 June 2016

Dear Prescribers,

On the 16 June 2016, a Prescriber Communique was released relating to the changes for SWEP Home Modifications. The following is an update of some of these changes which will start to be rolled out from the 1 July 2016, with further updates to follow shortly.

Clarification of SWEP Processes Replacement Items and Escalation

17 June 2016
Dear Prescribers,

Following an internal audit of our processes, SWEP has noted an inconsistency in the handling of some applications. In order to clarify please note that where SWEP has previously provided equipment, a replacement  will be provided when clinically indicated or when the item becomes not viable for repair. The replacement item will be provided as soon as possible after the receipt of a prescription up to the limits of the program's budget. It is important in this scenario that prescriptions are not submitted pre-emptively for replacement on the assumption of a long waiting time.

SWEP Prescriber Communique - Home Modifications

16 June 2016
SWEP Prescriber Communique
Aids & Equipment Program - Home Modifications
Changes effective July 1st 2016


14 June 2016

Workshop Information 

This one day workshop is designed for Occupational Therapists who wish to further their knowledge and skills with regards to vehicle modifications for people with disabilities. This workshop will be presented by Tom Eley and Carolyn Unsworth.

Swep Prescribers Communique - Strollers

2 June 2016
Dear Prescribers, 

The State-wide Equipment Program has received independent advice that many Strollers on the Australian market may not be compliant to mandatory Australian Standards.

Swep Oxygen Review Process

10 May 2016
SWEP Oxygen Annual Review Process Communique - May 2016


2 May 2016
This introductory one day workshop is designed for Occupational Therapists and Physiotherapists who are either new graduates or have less than 2 years clinical experience. This workshop is highly recommended for all therapists who are Green SWEP prescribers and have less than 2 years of clinical experience.


This workshop will cover SWEP's expectations of Green prescribing requirements, how to navigate the SWEP website, an overview of available assistive technology and modifications for Green level prescribers, clinical reasoning & decision making that underpin equipment prescription and how to submit a SWEP application and write a clinical justification.


This workshop will be presented by an experienced SWEP Clinical Advisor and either Professor Carolyn Unsworth or Lindy Johnson. The workshop will be informative, interactive and practical and will include trial and prescription of equipment using case studies.


On completion of this workshop all participants will be registered with SWEP as Green level prescribers.

New CPD Education Program

2 May 2016
New CPD Education Program in Assistive Technologies for Green, Amber and Red therapists

Swep Website Communique - May 2016

2 May 2016
Dear Prescribers,

As you know SWEP has been developing and amending our website over the past six months. We have been primarily focused on updating the Prescription Forms in this time. While we are confident that we have remedied the vast majority of issues reported we remain committed to working with prescribers to create a system useful to both you and SWEP.

State-wide Equipment Program - Continence

1 May 2016
The State-wide Equipment Program (SWEP) has appointed Independence Australia as the supplier for the Continence Aids Program, non-disposable and disposable products commencing 1st May 2016.

BrightSky Australia has provided great support to our continence program over the last five years, however is no longer a contracted supplier of continence products to SWEP.

New CPD Education Program for both novice and expert therapists in Assistive Technologies

11 April 2016

Would you like a refresher or learn new skills related to prescribing and using assistive technologies with your clients?

CQUniversity's Melbourne Campus is delighted to announce a new CPD program in assistive technologies. CQUniversity has partnered with SWEP (State Wide Equipment Program) to deliver a continuing professional development and competency assessment program for SWEP allied health prescribers that is also available for all occupational therapists and physiotherapists who don't prescribe for SWEP.

Prescriber Newsletter February 2016

11 February 2016
Prescriber Newsletter February 2016

Swep Communique Compensable Clients

21 December 2015
Please see the attached communique
Swep Communique Compensable Clients

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